VRSA / Press

"Their latest release Phantom of an Era is heavy, well written and… diversified." "The song Gris Gris is a perfect example of VRSA's well crafted writing. The song manages to keep a listener engaged and not just background music or noise; it is well layered and even features sweet acoustic guitar. Vocals throughout Phantom of an Era are heavy yet smooth and feature some nice changes of delivery as well as tone. The band on record is solid, serious and polished."

“About our album Galaxia: They veer stylistically to either side of the designation, but there’s little question that Connecticut four-piece VRSA are metal at their roots. Progressive metal, more precisely, and their Galaxia full-length released through their own Last Bastion Records proves adventurous in that regard without tipping the balance of heaviness versus indulgence.”

“About Old Man Gray: "VRSA is a hard band to categorize, although everyone (on the net) calls them some form of doom, it's not the first thing I would think of. I mean that I can definitely hear the doom influences, and even the occasional spattering of stoner throughout (although I wouldn't call them a stoner band either), it's just not what I would expect to hear when handed a 'doom' album. It's almost like alternative doom, or dark metal or something....I can't classify it. The nearest comparison in style and sound is that of Baroness - but even that is a loose one. Certain sounds, styles and tracks (especially close to the end) do bring Baroness to mind, but only for a moment; then the group dives into another direction and the feeling is lost." ”

“About Old Man Gray: "In general, the album is semi-experimental – its heavy/sludgy, but there’s plenty of samples and off-kilter moments to keep it from being boring." ”

“About Old Man Gray: "A big strength to this album is that all of (the) segments seem to segue in and out of each other flawlessly. Nothing really seems forced or out of place. And nothing really goes on longer than it should, which can be a problem with some ambient type bands."”