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Voyag3r / Press

“From the moment the LP cracks there's a lump in your throat and an urgent need to get to clearer air, throw in a pitch perfect design aesthetic and its easy to see why even aficionados like Death Waltz have this one up in their distro'd titles. It may be just past the Halloween hour but there's no reason that the power and anxiety of Voyag3r can't soundtrack November as well.”

“Doom Fortress is an out of this world journey. It sounds like the score to a good versus evil, human versus alien film in the making. Our heroes blast off into space, fight their way through enemy territory, get viciously attacked by the aliens and somehow end up saving all of humanity in the end. If you don’t believe me, give this album a spin. You’ll see it, too. The driving drums, stellar synths and spacey guitars make for a hell of a fun listen.”

“4.5 skulls out of 5 ...these prog-rock devils from Detroit may become the Rush of the horror nerd set. Near perfect. Now, how about a RoboCop re-score.”

“Throughout this album one is constantly provided visual insights via cues of sounds and arrangements that will spark the imagination of any fan of this golden age of cinema soundtracks. From Grindhouse to Arthouse the tonal authenticity of Voyag3r and their obvious respect these original sounds comes off perfectly. The combination of soundtrack and progressive elements presented in Doom Fortress make for a sumptuous feast of vintage sounds that I instantly fell in love with, yet found impossible to move on from. The grip refuses to relinquish its iron hold.”

“With Doom Fortress, they have delivered the album that I had hoped they would, back when I reviewed the single. From the metronomic opening track, which brought to mind Romero’s Day of the Dead, through to the screaming guitars of True Intentions, you can hear the love of their craft just flowing from the speakers. Hell, Doom Fortress is already the best movie never made in the 80s!”

“Everything shimmers with tension on this release, like heat waves off blacktop in the sunset. It makes you want to run. It makes you want to hold a futuristic weapon. At its worst, it makes you want to watch MegaForce. At its best, it evokes memories of the soundtracks from your favorite old VHS movies, the ones you wore out from repeated viewings and can still quote lines from today.”

“If you’re looking for an example Voyag3r’s sound all you have to do is recall Terminator’s synthesizer-based film score by Brad Fiedel, or the Escape from New York soundtrack, composed and performed by John Carpenter. One could imagine listening to Doom Fortress while reading Roger Zelazny’s Damnation Alley. Doom Fortress fits musically right into those genres with relative ease.”

“A synthesizer heavy progressive rock band who are not afraid to embrace the spacier side to their sound? The Hawkwind fanboy in me could not be happier. Their progressive instrumental may be a bit hard to grasp at first but once you start digging into the nitty gritty of their music you find that these guys are talented musicians with a flair for otherworldly. At times their most excellent compositions become almost transcendent, becoming something greater than the sum of their parts. The guitar solos are among my favorite parts of their songs, they often have an epic Pink Floyd feel to them and come as the climax to a beautiful synth driven suite. Voyag3r are doing something new and unique with their music, creating soundscapes that are wholly their own, driving new fields open for space rock and proving that the genre Hawkwind Pioneered still has a lot of cool new ideas.”

“Vamos lá que tem coisa esquisita na área. Essa banda formada por Steve Greene (sintetizadores), Greg Mastin (bateria) e Aaron Greene (guitarra) vem de Detroit, EUA, e não é somente seu nome que traz a estranheza do negócio. Afinal, seu Rock experimental e instrumental também soa de tal forma. São duas composições (como o trabalho também foi lançado em vinil, uma de cada lado), sendo que a primeira é a faixa título que é muito interessante. Com uma pegada bem futurista, com sintetizadores bem encaixados e um bom trabalho de guitarras, a composição lembra algo do Rush da fase anos 80 e serviria como trilha de filmes futuristas. A segunda composição é bem chatinha. Com o nome de Haunted Becomes Hunter ela tem um início na linha Depeche Mode. A banda inglesa é até interessante, mas o problema é que o Voyag3r é instrumental, então imagina o saco que é.”

"VOYAG3R? Na ja, ich persönlich finde ja Star Trek: The Next Generation besser!" würde wahrscheinlich ein Sci-Fi-Fan antworten wenn du ihm den Begriff VOYAG3R an den Kopf wirfst. Allerdings handelt es sich hier nicht um eine Raumschiff: Enterprise Fortsetzung sondern um eine experimentelle Rockformation aus Detroit. Trotzdem ist diese Verständlichkeit kein Zufall. Ähnlich wie SUNSET STEEL ist auch die Truppe ganz tief in der Pop-Kultur der 80er Jahre verwurzelt und gibt sogar selbst an von diversen Horror-, Sci- Fi- und Action-Soundtracks dieser Dekade beeinflusst worden zu sein. Anders aber als andere Musiker, die die 80s-Schiene fahren, sind Steve, Greg und Aaron ultra-orthodox und versuchen tatsächlich nahe an ihren Inspirationsquellen zu bleiben. So wird bewusst auf Gesang verzichtet, Synthesizer beherrschen umso mehr das Bild und die Riffs halten sich dezent im Hintergrund und ziehen maximal in den Soli etwas stärker die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich.

“With Voyag3r’s two-song opus, you want this album. Trust me! Go now and buy this album. No need to continue reading, but if you do, here’s my impression. What ends up sounding like a soundtrack to a Peter Hyam film, the group utilizes analog synths like it’s an arsenal, and what it, in turn, does is turn your life into that great sci-fi/action film of the ‘70s and ‘80s you always wish you were a part of.”

“This is epic action flick music, reminiscent of the stirring synth-clad call-to-action of a particularly death-defying stunt scene from Airwolf or Streethawk.”

“Voyag3r’s Victory in the Battle Chamber (Bellyache) is a sweet piece of vinyl. Have you ever listened to Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack to the movie version of Stephen King’s Firestarter, starring Drew Barrymore? Probably not, but if you had and then you played this single, you’d know why I’m bringing it up. Atmospheric prog rock with a strong ‘80s vibe, a real movie score feel and some great synth work – this is instrumental music played by people looking to tell a story.”

“It’s not every day that local musicians come together to form instrumental bands, but that’s one thing that makes Voyag3r so interesting. Pronounced Voyager Three, this instrumental band goes after soundtrack and science fiction sounds. The result is very moody, atmospheric and even a bit creepy at times.”

“Victory in the Battle Chamber is not a soundtrack from any film, but both tunes contained on this 7” very well could be. Hell, the title and artwork alone conjures up the video heyday of Cannon Video and Mad Max, and the music delivers in spades.”

"...Meticulously crafted synth-rock from this local trio is aspiring toward the eerie drones, suspenseful staccatos and urgent crescendos of seminal sci-fi and horror flick soundtracks — a cinematic synth-rock sensation."