Voodusa / Press

"This is what 'Canada's rock band' should sound like!"

Nick Forsyth - Fan

“I just spent days hunting down this amazing song that I heard on CIFM and I just now discovered that it's of a band from this very city. My mind has been successfully blown. Seriously, your CD, where can I get a copy?”

Matthew Roland McFadden - Fan

"Voodusa kicks ass! Awesome to see a Kamloops band moving up the ranks."

Marvin Strange - Strangeland

“Voodusa is a kick ass party rockin band. They fill the club, or pub with good times. Can't wait to have you guys play again!!!”

Shawn Mcleod - Kamloops Live Music

"Voodusa is waging a hard rock war with everyone."

Drew Mclean - Kammerce Promotions