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“14 Tracks on this album to please retro, roots music and traditional American rock’n'roll music lovers.”

“Known for their "rip it up "rockabilly Voodoo Swing are a great example of a band that has gotten better over the years ,while staying the course."Keep On Rollin" is the bands 5th album and fans won't be disappointed.From straight up rockabilly to blues infused rockabilly the band is in a really kool grove here. All 12 tracks are pretty strong.If your not familiar with Voodoo Swing,this is a good starting point,then again any of their albums will probably impress.”

“It’s not every band has its own trade­mark tour car, but Voodoo Swing does. And what a car! A 1969 Lin­coln Con­ti­nen­tal. Crazy thing’s as long as two of today’s cars and weighs three times as much. This car’s so cool the band had to write a song about it and include it on their great new CD release, Keep On Rollin’. I’ve been fol­low­ing Voodoo Swing from afar since I dis­cov­ered them when their new CD came out back in May. I fol­lowed their Euro­pean tour exploits over the sum­mer and their trips around the West­ern US since. Based out of Phoenix, Ari­zona, these guys get around and have been around. And they’ve had a 20-year-long love affair with rock­a­billy music and the rock­a­billy scene. As a result of the boys being picked up by Ner­vous Records back in the early 1990s, I feel akin to them. My old band, Kevin Fayte and Rocket 8, had our 1985 release, Ridin’ in a Rocket picked up by Ner­vous back in the late 80s. Ah, but these guys took”

“Voodoo Swing - "Keep on Rollin'" 4 out of 4 Chili Peppers! Opener "Keep on Rollin'" rocks really hard. I wonder if the singer really has "Keep on Rollin'" tattooed on his chest as he boasts under a tank of glammy reverb... Track two, "Hillbilly Rock n' Roll" describes itself. It is also infective, catchy and just about perfecto. "Quit Jivin' Me" starts with a great riff and at first Social Distortion came to mind, and then I was like: Man, this walks all over Social Distortion, with ease. This Phoenix three-piece smoke all the way through this thing... and I have to imagine they pull it off live every time as well. This CD indicates you will have a very good time.”

“Arizona trio Voodoo Swing stormed the Rockabilly scene in the 1990s with their debut album We're Using Code Names, followed shortly after by Well Okay Then. Their hard-edged sound is a perfect example of the American Modern Rockabilly sound, retaining the roots of pure Rockabilly but played harder and heavier, fitting in somewhere between The Stray Cats and The Reverend Horton Heat. Voodoo Swing play original songs, and Refried Voodoo Beans presents a wealth of quality self-penned material. The Rockabilly Rhythms pound out on this killer album, even topping their early releases, seeing Voodoo Swing mark their return in fine style. ”

“Voodoo Swing is rock 'n roll rechtstreeks uit de krotten van de hel gespeeld door drie heren uit Phoenix, Arizona die er duidelijk zin in hebben. De vonk slaat meteen over en het loopt voor het eerst aardig vol voor de Mainstage. Anekdotes waarop de nummers aansluiten worden met typisch Amerikaans drama gebracht. De bassist slingert zijn contrabas over het podium alsof het gevaarte niets weegt. En passant wordt het als extra opstap gebruikt voor de leadgitarist. Deze heren hoef je niets meer te vertellen. Ze zijn rock 'n roll!!”

“Phoenix rockabilly band Voodoo Swing is like the rock 'n' roll train that never stops coming. Since 1993 (when they were based in Salt Lake City), they've been releasing records, and their latest and sixth album, Keep On Rollin', is out now on Electric Lotus Label. They've already shared the stage with the likes of the Reverend Horton Heat, Lee Rocker, and The Hillbilly Hellcats. The core of the band -- Wes Hinshaw on bass, Leeroy Nelson on drums, and vocalist/guitarist Shorty Kreutz -- have kept rocking, and are preparing to embark on a 42-show tour of Europe, starting June 2. This will be the band's third trip to Europe in a year. "After several tours of all the western states, and even Mexico, we have seen American Roots music fans come out of the woodwork even in the most remote cities and towns," said Shorty Kreutz. "But what surprised us most was how authentic the rockabilly culture in Europe is." Voodoo Swing won't be back in the States until August.”

“Listening to these fine tracks, it's hard not to imagine being smack dab in the middle of a smoke filled all-night roadhouse on the outskirts of town (with a fight spillin' into the parking lot of course) and that's just the sort of place that Voodoo Swing and their rockin' sounds would be welcome! And that is exactly where the songs on this set will take you - but without the threat of a fist to the gut or a beer spilled in your lap. Of course, if that's your thing...catch 'em live sometime!”

“Voodoo Swing is back in full swing playin’ hot rockabilly music here in the state of Arizona. This band has been voodoo swingin’ since the 1990’s where they were picked up by Nervous Records where they took off like wild fire. With past record labels from Rockhouse Records and Cool Cat Productions, they are now hotter then ever in 2010 with a new album out called “Refried Voodoo Beans.". This trio band consists of Shorty on his Gretsch Guitar and vocals, the legendary Wes Hinshaw with upright bass and vocals and of course Leeroy on the drums with his hard pounding sound will bring you back again and again. ”

“Voodoo Swing “Refried Voodoo Beans” Review Dynamite Magazine issue 67 And again were Voodoo Swing hard and have a new studio album released: this time a dozen of his own songs again, "hot rodding" Rockabilly Blues with a dash (such as "Down With The Blues") and sometimes even jazzy passages (as in "Another Lonely Night"). After the trio has changed from the rather harder Paladins Rockabilly Roots-like sound, there are on the new disc so again new facets in the sound of the trio from Phoenix, Arizona. But do not worry, rockabilly blast including "Wild Cat Walk" or "Jitterbug all Night Long.” Conclusion: "voodooin Voodoo Swing is still 'me'! 5 Stars FB ”

“CALW. The American rockabilly band Voodoo Swing from Arizona makes this coming Wednesday, 13 Oktober, Halt im DV8 in Calw ... October, stop at DV8 in Calw ... As of 21 clock, the three musicians Shorty (vocals / guitar), Leeroy (drums) and Wesley (double bass) DV8 guest in the Calw in-pub. The versatile and entertaining trio Voodoo Swing music for almost 20 years on my way. They have found their own, sweeping sound: powerful defying rockabilly, blues-pumping groove, with even the old masters like Robert Johnson or John Lee Hooker told their stories. Your rock and roll music is traditional and its openness is reflected in the melodious song writing. ”

"Voodoo Swing" is one of the many bands that are currently bringing the rockabilly sound to a whole new generation of music enthusiasts. Their overall sound has only gotten better with the new "Refried Voodoo Beans." They give that flavor that is uniquely their own without going into an extreme case of the Psychobillies or an opposite extreme of conservatism. They keep the sound fresh, the instrumental solos incredible, and to be honest the CD almost takes you through a story.

“Get set for the Second Annual Rockabilly Reunion this weekend February 12-14, 2010. How often can you get Rockabilly music, a pinup model contest and Rockabilly music all for FREE for you and your ride? Voodoo Swing is set to perform at the event held on the shores of the Colorado River at Windsor State Beach in Lake Havasu, Arizona. “We’re thrilled to be playing three days of music along with other great acts for some of the biggest rockabilly music fans in the country who truly appreciate what we do”, said Voodoo Swing’s front man Paul “Shorty” Kreutz. ”

“Voodoo Swing Photo: Karen Abramson Arizona’s hot rockabilly band is back from their European tour and ready to tear up the stage tonight August 21st at the Rockabilly Rules II event happening today from 2 pm-8 pm. Voodoo Swing will be playing tonight at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix at 7 pm along with other bands that will be there like, The Haymakers, Moonlight Howlers, and Rooster Coup DeVille. Voodoo Swing welcomes their newest member to the band, Wesley Hinshaw. The band is a popular rockabilly band that has been touring the western states and Europe. Voodoo Swing consists of a trio with Shorty on Guitar and Vocals, Leeroy on Drums, and Wesley Hinshaw on Doghouse bass. The Rhythm Room is located at 1019 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix. Rockabilly Rules II event will consists of bands, car show, military vehicles, pinups, vendors and much more. Swing on over and come say hello to Voodoo Swing. ”

“Lovers of American roots music, rejoice! Voodoo Swing, from Phoenix, will be bringing their big-guitar rockabilly sound (à la the Paladins) to the Bud Light Music Stage. Originally from Salt Lake City, this trio has recorded for labels in England and Holland, and currently splits their time touring in the U.S. and Europe. Their latest release, Refried Voodoo Beans, features songs about hotrods, jitterbug queens, drinking, carousing and everything a greaser would love. Our favorite song on the disc is one that might become quite popular here in the Old Pueblo: "My Wild Cat Walk." ”