Vonda Shepard / Press

"She’s blessed with one of the most uniquely textured voices in American pop culture"

Eric Saeger - Glide Magazine

"Vonda has the talent and longevity to be making music for many years to come yet"

Anna Nathanson - MusicRooms.net

"Shepard gracefully pounds the grand piano and manages to ooze a presence which seeps into the spellbound audience"

RED - RedHotVelvet.com

"The singer songwriter genre doesn’t get any better than this"

"A vocal athlete whose home field advantage is clearly a quiet smoky L.A. bar late in the evening"

"A classic white-soul voice in the Joni Mitchell vein, albeit rendered with a unique, athletic approach to melody"

"She has a way of sending shivers down your spine with her potent combo of soul-inflected songs"

"Shepard's the classic singer/songwriter type; her soul-baring confessionals are tempered by flashes of wit and whimsy along with a hook or two and often bittersweet underpinnings"

Darryl Morden - The Hollywood Reporter

"This is adult music at its finest: intelligent without the stain of showiness, intimate yet only the tiniest bit whiny, and ultimately, completely musical"

Robert L. Doerschuk - AllMusic.com

"Shepard favors a more organic and introspective approach... Indeed, those who have appreciated the emotional complexity and depth of Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan will find a lot to admire"

Alex Henderson - AllMusic.com