Volume IV / Press

“I really really like the sound that Volume IV have gone for here as it’s heavy without any gimmicks, it’s just hard rock done by three guys who clearly love their craft. Don’t go into this thinking it’s going to be over the top or a lot to take in as simply, it’s not. Instead go into this to remember why you started listening to rock and why you still love it today – then prepare to be transported back to those good days once again. ”

““Drawing from the well of 70′s/80′s classic hard rock…no click tracks, no triggers, no auto tune…this is the real deal.” In a nutshell that describes Volume IV to a T. No nonsense, no bullshit, just music. Heavy metal with plenty of stoner, lots of doom and a tad bit of sludge. The songs posted to the band’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages really groove. The songs are pretty sick (in a kick ass, get you moving way). Information is scarce as far as influences but I think it’s safe to say bands like Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Blue Cheer, Orange Goblin, and Trouble are safe bets. As of right now the album, titled Long In The Tooth is due out this fall. It’ll be available on CD, digital, and vinyl. ”

“The local scene here in Atlanta, like many other scenes in the US. may seem dead to a lot of people. While the scene definitely doesn’t thrive like it used to back in its glory days, it’s nice to know that there’s a band like Volume IV who are breathing some life into this scene. If you really want a fix of some facemelting, groove oriented metal, Volume IV has it and then some. They have the songs, the determination, and a no frills live performance that will definitely make you a fan right away. Volume IV definitely proved worthy of the name that they bare and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

“This stuff beats ass! It's heavy, but not just for the sake of being heavy like a lot of stuff these days. I can hear your influences, but you've managed to wrap them into your own very cool thing. It's good to hear something like this when so many bands are following the current trends. Great songs, performance and production.... I Love it. Keep rockin guys... I might start listening to radio again if they would play stuff like this!”