Vokab Kompany / Press

“Not only is the musicianship absolutely spectacular, but Rob and Burkey are both talented singers as well as MC’s with smart lyrics and delivery. Each one of the 11 tracks is unique and brings an interesting element to the album as a whole.”

“Vokab Kompany is high energy, 7 piece group who have a unique sound, as they tend to mix dubstep, hip-hop, ska, reggae and indie all in one big ass ear explosion. But even putting any type of label on them will have you coming up short as they defy categorization.”

“Quit Sleep serves as a fitting follow-up for New Kong. Vokab Kompany has managed to make another album chock-full of new styles without alienating their audience. In fact, they do quite the opposite. Vokab Kompany has found a range of undeniable danceability and inescapable catchiness outside of cookie-cutter pop.”

“They didn’t get the hamsters. But Vokab Kompany are –happy to be on Kia’s ‘Sweet Summer Sales Event’ commercial — and to get the mass exposure to Kia’s Generation Y target audience. When [Kia Motors] came up with a summer-themed spot..it called on the group to create an original tune for the soundtrack.”

"Recently got a chance to go to a Matisyahu concert..what I ended up finding was something even more kosher...one of the best performances I’ve ever witnessed."

“This music has swagger. And after listening to "That Day" you'll know what I mean.”

“Vokab Kompany is a seven piece hip-hop/electro group making some serious waves out Cali way”

“Vokab is fast becoming one of the hottest groups to hit the streets of San Diego, and soon to be setting the world on fire!”

“Rock, Jazz, Rap, Punk -some music is easy to pigeon hole. Then there's the eletric genre bending tunes of San Diego's Vokab Kompany!”

"A sound whose genre goes something like; hip-hop, soul, electro, funk."

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys put on one helluva show."

"Poolside Vibe at the W Hotel"

"In Good Company."

"Vokab Kompany had the bodies grooving..kept the crowd spellbound."

"Vokab Kompany helps Angora Fire victims."

"Vokab Kompany has been selling out its shows consistently!"

"Vokab Kompany is fresh; they’re cool without worrying about it."

"Hip hop ain't dead...it's taking an extended vacation in San Diego"

“Vokab Kompany is coming home to show what it's accomplished in the big city.”