Voice Of Addiction / Press

"...a punk band out of Chicago who have made it their mission to spread the word of injustice worldwide through playing socially conscious music."

Target Audience Magazine

"Voice Of Addiction is pure perfection. A hybrid of rock, punk and alternative. Great production, instrumentation and vocals. Muddied melodies will make your head bang. Fun-loving music is great for TVC or a slam scene in a major motion picture. Their contagious music along with creativity has landed them a spot on our #360WatchList.

360 Magazine

“traditional political unrest-fueled punk rock that unapologetically digs into some fresh new earth”

"Good ole’ fashioned Punk Rock from Chicago. I really enjoyed listening to voice of Addictions music. The tunes are full of vim and vigour and I can only imagine that the tunes really shine when played live. Would love to hear more stuff from these guys soon!"

“It may sound like an attempt to start a revolution and the band has no problem with that, but the purpose in the music is awareness that maybe the wheels need to be dismantled, not reinvented.”

Local Vertical

“Chicago trio Voice Of Addiction is a band that gives a F*&k!”

Here Comes the Flood

“Voice Of Addiction comes together like clock work, a collection of collaborators cleaning house with stainless track after stainless track.”

Wassup! Magazine

“Chicago Band Voice Of Addiction doesn't compromise for anything or anybody. The DIY trio blends rock, ska, and metal into an explosion of sound, touching on modern subjects with a view that is simultaneously radical and relatable”

Lumino Magazine