Vocaldrop / Press

“DJ and Gina’s Lounge: Sat. 3/27/2010 Summerfield, Fl. Vocaldrop is a powerhouse lead by singer Ryan Turrrentine. I was surprised at where his chops came from. Don’t let his leprechaun good looks fool ya, he can wail with the best of them! The bassist Rick “Trickie Dickie “Davis was everywhere and you fel...t it! He man-handled a beautiful 5-string Charvel like he was choking a monkey! Absolutely Rad! At guitar, Sonny Whitehead kept the flow and at times stepped out with screaming leads. They stood on Ron Stepp’s drums all 80+ minutes of obvious fun and familiar music. Hi-lights was their rendition of “The Doors, “Break on Through” and “Simple kind of Man” from Lynyrd Skynyrd. A must hear from the Ocala local music scene and hopefully beyond! Listen to their CD and you’ll know what I mean! Special thanks to Lampy Lynn and DJ for the shots all around!”