“RE: Beto Vazquez Infinity album "Existence". Feat. Viveynne. "Our absolute favorite track has to be the mesmerizing “Celestial Meeting”. In this highly emotional song, Mikki Straatsma (Viveynne) delivers a truly haunting vocal performance. Greatly aided by the atmospheric keyboards and weeping guitars, Mikki’s vocals steal the show since the beginning of this song and will make you get goose bumps. While this song is near perfect, some of the vocal track layering sounds a bit overdone, but still makes up for one of the best songs we have listened to in quite a while."”

" It must have been awful difficult to bring together all the gods in one place at one time to create such a masterpiece"

Reverbnation Artist - check them out ! - Evil Genius

“You are the best thing to have come out of Oakville in some time. Ontario's own Amy Lee! :)”

e.V.'s Underground - CKCU-FM 93.1

“Your music is so awesome. I got a free download and I listen to it along with Nightwish and Evanescence and all I can say is you're destined to be among one of these Great Female vocalists.”

nemesis0512 - Reverbnation Fan

“Your voice is sublime, sends good shivers down my spine and gives me goose bumps.”

Mark - Reverbnation Fan

“...listened to a female artist named Mikki (Band: VIVEYNNE), it took all of 12 seconds to impress me.... I was shocked when she told me that she had just turned 14 years old. Impossible !! This is a girl that is going somewhere....”

“You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in such a long time.. That one goes straight under my skin!! And like everyone else, I can only say WOW, you're so young!”

Cacazzato - Reverbnation Fan

“...The fact this voice originates from such a young lady fascinates....What i love is you're a lyricist, a singer, a composer, and yet a story teller.”

RoKkInALkO - MySpace fan