“In 2012 I’m dropping ‘The Listening Project’ , it’s a full length solo project produced by G Sound Musik Group. Also ‘The New Passage” collaboration release with a group from Capetown, South Africa that I’m extra excited about!”

“Viva Fidel: I grew up in a political , global-community centered household , meaning I was aware and even protesting at an early age not only things like Apartheid and Desert Storm, but local issues like police brutality and unfit schools systems. It was the environment of socially progressive music and events that I grew up in that still motivates me to reach out to the youth and try to help explain some of things they are faced with. ”

“Milwaukee’s Fidel Finds Unity in Race, Religion and Politics Local artist Fidel, or “Viva Fidel” as some call him, is energetic, multitalented and full of rhythm. click link for full interview”

“@vivafidel in the news! Blacks Are Creating Power Using Twitter”

“Since Hip Hop has become a global culture, read more....http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/AHLOT/2007/10/03/the-new-passage.html ”

“HIP HOP inspired Rally for peace inspires young crowd”

“Ambitionz of a Ridah:”