VITERA / Press

"(Vitera) will be the next big break-out thing out of Austin." --Danny Crooks, Legendary Austin Promoter and owner of Steamboat

“Interview: The "Movimiento" of Austin's Vitera”

“ Haydn Vitera formed the band that bears his name a few years ago with his brother David. When his brother moved on, Haydn gathered a new group of musicians as Vitera and began to build a following with a sound that combines rock n roll and Spanish pop. Spinner spoke with frontman Haydn Vitera about the band's upcoming showcase appearance at SXSW.”

“Brownout 2. Vitera 3. Del Castillo 4. Los Lonely Boys 5. Grupo Fantasma 6. Vallejo 7. Hector Ward & the Big Time 8. Maneja Beto 9. Ocote Soul Sounds 10. The Frank Gomez Band”