Vital Cadence / Press

““Oh Beautiful One, my life to You is never to far gone” Vital Cadence is a new Chirstian oriented Rock/Alternative band in the heart of Kernesville, North Carolina. Marked by the conglomeration of funk, metal, rock, and contemporary worship, Vital Cadence has trademarked a new style of music in both the Christian and secular realm. The band came togethwhere paths crossed between members Chris Barrans, Zach Starcher, Luke Cope, Jeremy White, and Jordan Milligan. However, a common desire is shared by all: passion to produce music that is better-better than what is expected of today’s Christian rock bands. With this goal in mind, Vital Cadence has sky-rocketed. With the release of their first self-titled EP in the Spring of 2012, Vital Cadence has taken off, playing at benefits, festivals, and churches in the Southeast. The band is about to release a new album titled "As Sick As I Came". This record release is expected to launch a whole new ball game for these guys”

Vital Cadence - VC Press Packet