Visioneer / Press

“One major difference between movies today and movies from, say, the 1940s is the importance of the soundtrack. Some movies, such as Almost Famous and Elizabeth Town, actually depend upon their soundtrack. Like our movies, most of modern man's life is accompanied by and dependent upon music. It can set the tone for a day, alter a bad mood, or enable you to sulk in one. But when what you need is music that will inspire you to keep moving forward toward a brighter future in your own story, there is Visioneer. This five-piece Salt Lake City rock band stands out in their ability to truly engraft the movements of life into their music. Within a matter of seconds a Visioneer song can go from hard and unrelenting to soothing and liberating. Each song, whether dark and filled with angst or ambient with room for reflection, brings ineffable emotion into a tangible moment. And just like the great movies of our time, their's is a tension that always resolves in hope.”

Paul Godbout - Beacon Audio