Visionary / Press

“I listened to "The Press" on the way home. Sooo good! It is awesome and really blew away my expectations. You are very talented”

Abi, Fla.

“I love, The Press so much! Tears in my eyes it's so great! I'm going to buy a copy and several copies as gifts! Thank you! A musical genius!! Beautiful!!”

Nita, North Dakota (May 31, 2016)

“Thanks so much for the encouragement! It was our honor to be with you! Until next time! We are grateful for the support! God bless you!”

For King and Country

“You are my dear brother may God bless you more and more in all your heart desires and what He needs you to have. Love ya in Loads!”

Julian "Miss March" ~ Jamaica

“I thank God everyday for putting a man of God like u in our life.. may God keep on giving u the desires of ur heart according to his will... you are a great example of of man of God.. we love you bro”

El Profeta ~ Tampa, Fl

“I have been nominated for, "Solo Gospel Artist of the year" and been featured in 2 magazines, "What's the word"along side Gospel's Great, Pastor Shirley Ceaser and " Young Heros"....All Glory to God!!! I had no idea that I would be honored in this way, but God had and still has bigger plans for me and Vision Music. God bless to all my fans and friends I really do love you all!!!!”


“I am sooo! Proud of you! You followed your vision and made it a reality! GOD IS GOOD! You are opening doors for others to follow their dreams. I am definitely motivated.”

Elaina, Fla

“Hey brother, I'm going thru bereavement and your music has put a big smile on my face. Talk about anointing! God bless you dear. You keep preaching that word Rev! ”

Coreetta, UK

“Your freaken good! I love your music!!! You should be #1!!! may all your dreams come true.Love Mandee and the ABC girls :)”

Mandee and the ABC Girls, UT

“Ya'll make sure ya'll cop that "Eyes Open" by my boy Visionary! The album is bananas!”

Lonnie, Fla

“My brother Visionary, great humble servant...much love to know u in Jesus name....READYBACK fi life..boom bang”

St. Matthew, Jamaica

“Visionary is the founder of Gospel Music outreach, Vision Music International & Christian Clothing line, G Casual Everyday Wear”

“I Thank the Lord for you and your obedience to praise and worship His holy name.”

Toby D. , GA.

“I Thank God for you my brother and I will be praying always for you and your ministry, your music is AMAZING...”

J.o.h.n.y A.K.A Soul Collector For Christ , MD.

“I have never seen anyone, Christian are secular do as much as Visionary has done in such a short amount of time, the way God uses this man is incredible!!!”

D Blocker , FL

“If Visionary is not on top of the game, who is?”

Royce Bleu , CA.

“Your songs are going to change many lives!”

Jah Radio

“Visionary has worked and collaborated with a number of International Artists such as: J Providence in Canada, Solid Youth in Guyana, Pablo David and DJ Soul in Costa Rica.”

Vision Music

“Tim aka Visionary was Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, on June 23, 2010 in Jacksonville, Fl.”

Vision Music

“Hear Visionary's music on la 89.5 fm, the National Radio Station in Costa Rica”

“Absolutely beautiful work brother, thats the best rap i've heard in a long time. I think that it's vital for rap to move on to more positive messages. You do a great job and inspire. Burn in the holy fire, lovin it. love to all, Justin. ”

Trinitized Entertainment

“Visionary is in the May issue of Lisa Foster Wilson's, "What's The Word!?”

“Visionary has shared the stage with International Gospel Artists such as: Lynette White, St. Matthew , Solid Youth & Pablo David.”

Vision Music

“Visionary's debut album "Eyes Open", now available on cdbaby.”

Vision Music