Visceral Disgorge / Press

“Genius! 7 out of 10”

shawn macomber - DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“From the violence-ridden bowels of Baltimore emerges VISCERAL DISGORGE, vomiting forth their debut album, Ingesting Putridity. The album features artwork by the legendary Toshihiro Egawa, and was released via Amputated Vein Records on June 6th. ”

“Visceral Disgorge hail from "violence-ridden bowels of Baltimore" and have just released my favorite brutal death metal record of 2011 so far. I can't imagine that you could take a look at that band name/album cover and need me to tell you what Ingesting Putridity sounds like, but I will say that it's a near-perfect balance of unostentatious technicality, outright brutality, and ass-clobberin' slammage. Seriously, everything sounds so perfectly genre-appropriate that it's almost like slipping on an old pair of Devourment loafers and hacking up some corpses in the ol' tool shed... just like back when we were kids. ”

“what we have here is one of the best death metal albums in recent memory. First off, the production is absolutely top notch. For starters, Amputated Vein did well to sign this lot as much worse albums have been released on more well known labels, therefore they need to do all they can to push this band. The songs themselves are so full of ideas and riffs that there is never a dull moment. Many of the songs clock in at over five minutes in length but there is so much going on that you hardly recognise this. Riff after catchy, yet brutal riff is spewed out to create a batch of massively memorable songs. This has not been out of my CD player since I received it. The band must be laughing at every other death metal band as they have that many excellent ideas and riffs that they should be selling them. For a debut album, this is nothing short of genius and I wholeheartedly recommend it to every DM fan out there. Pure, brutal brilliance.”

"Baltimore brutality is an understatement, this local East Baltimore death metal act has been making quite a name for themselves in the underground lately. After many many setbacks they return to the scene full force."