Virus Cycle / Press

“If you enjoy music that is easy to listen to, or if you are seeking music for the zombie apocalypse, then you should go download this album immediately. Your time will be well spent.”

“Indeed (Zombichrist), this is not bad for a good time if you're a gothic-industrial fan. Album Rating [1-10]: 7”

“Virus Cycle possesses some raw talent and a potential that is waiting to be unleashed on the world.”

“Virus Cycle’s third release is another brilliant dark masterpiece which skillfully combines all the best (and silliest) aspects of goth, metal, industrial, and low budget horror movies, to create the ultimate soundtrack to eat human flesh and brains by. Throw in a little dose of religious cynicism and a twisted sense of humor and this album becomes the perfect expression for the Theatre of the Demented. Having been a fan of releases on this label, I am impressed by the production and quality of this. Listen on headphones in a sensory deprivation tank on mushrooms at your own risk and whatever you do, don’t look at yourself in the mirror. It won’t be pretty. Everyday really is Halloween.”

“(Zombichrist) A-”

“Johnny’s vocals are dark and deadly, almost like the voice of the dead..... this is industrial with a hint of decomposition and voiced from its undead master’s rotting throat.”

“If you are looking for something inspired yet unique in its genre, I recommend 'Zombichrist'. Virus Cycle is a band worth checking out. Fans of Rob Zombie, definitely check this out!”

“Virus Cycle uses a great combination of synth, drums, guitars, bass and vocals. Steady, throbbing beats, deep bass, repeated guitar riffs, and at times, synth sounds that are reminiscent of Soft Cell and Human League, and vocals that remind me of zombies wandering around aimlessly, calling out for “brains, brains”….plus the obviously still human characters discussing their dire situation, all make for an interesting descent into humanity’s not so distant future, where all social and political supports have failed us all.”

“The combination of the club beats and dark, haunting vocals gives the new song (Why Don't You Love Me?) a very gothic feel.”

“The album remained true to the prevailing zombie-theme with "Bring You Down (Forever)" which offered a twisted form of industrial-techno featuring the dark, haunting vocals of Johnny Virum. The track also utilized voice-overs that added an interesting character to the club-beat chaos and industrial insanity. The second new track, "City Of The Dead", was exceptionally disturbing and much more potent with a bone-chilling air-raid siren intro, distorted guitar work and unnerving spoken-word-style vocals.”

“Virus Cycle’s last album Alice In Zombieland was a masterpiece and it was a hard one to follow but believe me Virus Cycle have done it with the sheer genius that is Zombichrist. This album will have pride of place in your music collection as it is now in mine.”

“I decided not to imagine, but instead to watch George’s Romero’s masterpiece, “Night of the Living Dead”, with the sound off while listening to the music Virus Cycle sent to me. It works quite well. I am, after all, a horror movie fan and a good soundtrack can boost the thrills of a horror movie.”

“A few of the musical moments actually make me feel as though I'm listening to a warped distant cousin to RAMMSTEIN or, even more accurately, an evil doppelgänger of KRAFTWERK.”

“I’ve been listening to your music the past few days and I am absolutely loving it.”

“Bring You Down (Forever) seeps through the ear with an atmospheric whisper behind a film sample before disturbed predatory riffs surge in and out. Intensity increases as the monster stirs, the excellent near lifeless vocals permeating every note and syllable with a decayed breath brought on a pulsating wave of agitated beats, hypnotic bass, and scathing riffs. The track is outstanding and infectious, the instigator of much impatient anticipation for the new album the band are working on.”

“Virus Cycle offer a dark, brooding, disturbing and often cinematic sound that seems to be the perfect soundtrack for a decaying world plagued by putrid, decomposing, disease-ridden, brain-eating, zombies. As creepy as most of the songs are, they also have a mesmerizing and hypnotic quality that results in a completely unique and interesting auditory experience.”

“I love this album, it is everything it professes to be and more. This really is industrial zombie style at its finest you really can’t get much better. If you are looking for something unique in sound that you won’t hear anywhere else then you need this album. If you like decent industrial then you will love Zombichrist.”

“Bring You Down (Forever) is definitely a piece that I would be happy to find on a dance floor.”

“The music of Virus Cycle, is a disturbed and addictive combination of horror borne lyrics, resonating beats, and guitar grinds which scythe through and ignite the senses from within an intrusive and haunting electronic consumption. It is a Resident Evil/Doom like soundscape spawn from the carcass of Night Of The Living Dead and 28 Days Later.”

“(Virus Cycle's) sound mixes elements of Nine Inch Nails with ingredients from the band Prodigy, highlighted by the darkness of Bauhaus.”

“Ribonucleic acid.”

“I advise you to download Alice In Zombieland, it’s a killer album.....”

“There are a lot of good bands out there and it takes creativity and gaul to stand apart from the rest. I had the pleasure of having to have this interview with such a band, Virus Cycle.”