Violet Mary / Press

"[Violet Mary] is a unicorn floating in a sea of emotions."

Psuedo Youth

“One more time I have to tell you how very much I am enjoying your CD! I have listened to it at least twice every day since you have given it to me. I have it in my computer at work and there are days when I have listened more than twice. I try to separate myself from knowing you and just listening as a casual listener as I would any national CD to make sure that I am not being biased in my feeling that this is worthy of national acclaim. I hope that you are proud of the artistic piece of music that you and the band have created. This is one of the very few CD’s produced locally that I feel this way about. The last one I remember was Uncle Plum’s CD.”

Prime Time Funk - James Richmond (Bandleader)

"We thought you were a Canadian band."

Jefferson (drums) - Blanco Diablo

“Violet Mary followed Wilcox and laid it down so hard that the little kids flipping their little lids in front of the stage couldn't decide whether to play air guitar or air drums and just opted instead to jumping up and down like rabid pogo sticks. The whole band was tighter than a mosquito's ass but I couldn't take my eyes of Mike Muscarella's hands as he molested his Les Paul ferociously. Great tone too, by the way.”

Rochester City Newspaper

“Violet Mary is a study in keen balance. This is one of the few hard rock bands that still manages to maintain melody on the see-saw between muscle and melodic subtlety. And I don't just mean dynamics that pull back to let the melody be heard here or there, but the presence of an actual floating, discernible, memorable melody. Plug in the band's latest, self-produced "Level" or better yet, see Violet Mary live. It's going to get juicy. Bring napkins.”

Rochester CIty Newspaper

"Beneath this band's muscle-car patina and melodic shine lurks the heart of the beast. Rochester's Violet Mary is both melodic and picturesque without forsaking those RPMs and the ensuing heart palpitations. In other words, this is one undeniable force, a great rock band."

“@JokerJoker44: "Finally, FINALLY down at ‎#XRIJF for Violet Mary ‎#rockon" - Thanks!”

Twitter during Rochester International Jazz Festival - June 24, 2013

"You guys (and gal) are so amazing! It was great hearing you last night, can't wait to see you again!!!"

Gina Perticone - Pineapple Jack's attender

“@shanebertou: More than twice tonight I've been talking to a friend when @BabsHoliday has opened her pipes. Conversation over. @VioletMary ‎#XRIJF ‎#ROC”

Twitter during Rochester International Jazz Festival- June 24, 2013

“The band is open about the impact of its influences, though its talent and cohesiveness captures and blends those influences to the point of ownership. Violet Mary is hard to pinpoint yet impossible to ignore. Violet Mary sounds like Violet Mary, period.”

Frank DeBlase - City Newspaper

“Muscular, dynamic, cathartic. [Violet Mary’s] songs convey a yearning and a sense of infinite possibilities open for the seizing. Sets build in intensity and power towards catharsis.”

David Wheeler - Messenger-Post News

“Violet Mary mixes swampy, slide guitar-driven tunes with other songs influenced by Radiohead and early Rush ... mature and lyrically dense. ”

Jinelle Shengulette - Insider Magazine

“I'm in the middle of 5 different things and I hear this guitar riff and say "what the f*** is that? You guys should just play your own stuff! It's fantastic!”

Jim Gondoli - Owner - The Fairport Landing Bar and Grille

“Violet Mary is by far my favorite new band in Rochester!”

Jeff Cosco - Host - SoreThumbRadio