"Vinyl Soup has their own indelible style, however, with an often even-handed juxtaposition of rock, jazz and soul that creates an exuberant vibe. "

“There are a lot of great elements in the stew that is Vinyl Soup. I make out things ranging from Pink Floyd to King Crimson to The Grateful Dead and Procol Harum. And that’s just the first few tunes. This is a solid and captivating album no matter how it’s sliced.”

“Chasing Yesterday :- Vinyl Soup Vinyl Soup’s Chasing Yesterday is filled wall-to-wall with playful wah-driven hippie funk. It’s charming, fun music that’s probably a whole of fun to make, and a whole lot of fun to listen to if you happen to wander into a bar and see them playing on a Saturday night”

“ Who are they?: Vinyl Soup of Franklin, Tenn., was formed by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Hooker, a native of West Point, after he graduated from Hollywood, Calif.'s Guitar Institute of Technology and relocated to Nashville in 2002. Employing his virtuoso craft no doubt learned at that prestigious school, Hooker turned Vinyl Soup into a band unfettered by genre, incorporating rock, folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, reggae and more into its sound, with a playful lyrical style reminiscent of acts like Little Feat. Vinyl Soup issued its first album Chasing Yesterday in 2003, which was a popular Web download. After a bit of a hiatus and a change in personnel, Vinyl Soup is now back with a vengeance touring and bringing its freewheeling live show to clubs in support of its just-released second album Brandon and Travis ”

Carey Miller - Clarion-Ledger

“All in all it’s a good solid listen, slightly reminiscent of The String Cheese Incident, a lighter sounding cousin to Umphrey’s McGee”