Vinyl Side / Press

“Second time for around for me seeing this offshoot of the Killer Balloons (previous review here). They greet me with a roar of guitar chords that work off of the Stiff Little Fingers riff in "Suspect Device", which is about as good as opening as you would want in a rock band. The drumming is crisp, bass lines pulsating, keyboards countering, guitars roaring, and vocals soaring. They play loud and classic rock that has no trouble fitting into anything even slightly heavy on the indie scene. It is vibrant music that really strikes a chord with someone like myself who grew up on these sounds. A few songs lapse into ordinary terrain, but when they connect, they do so in a big way.”

“I wondered what had happened to the Killer Balloons and tonight the mystery is solved as they have reappeared with a new name and a new powerhouse drummer, as they accurately describe him. They have extra power and volume throughout the set and while not having lost the garage soul feel in the vocals and keyboards, now add some heft in the guitar and drums. It's nowhere near metal, but follows a kind of classic very hard rock pattern that can veer into soulfulness and a touch of R&B depending on the song.”