Vintage Radio Gods / Press

“Love the rock sound you're laying down my fellow Nashvillians! Real rock that kicks ass and has a heart!...'Apologies' is stellar! Also loved the live from Disgraceland tune!...”

“i love your songs and you sound so well live! i bet you're an inspiration for so many other bands. great songwriting and very emotional deep vocals. thank you!”

“love the sound, love the vocal style..and really diggin that big driving riff and spacious, epic sound for "reign of destiny"..that track is a killer!”


“Starting a Sunday morning with a BURN OUT !! Keep the faith and rock it out!!”

RUSS STRAPP - ReverbNation

“ Devils Daughter waved her magic wand and your superb music started to play, Life On The Interstate. Awesome musicianship. Love, Judy Shire xx ”

JUDY SHIRE - ReverbNation

"the world is mine" rocking this classic as the sun rises in southern california ~ positive vibes!


“Reign Of Destiny!! Nice song, Hope all is well...-DNA 88”

DNA 88 - ReverbNation

“excellent sound and production- great musicianship !!! real stuff!!! greetz BF”

BEIGE FISH - ReverbNation

“The neighbors are fixin to get introduced to "Vintage Radio Gods"!!!! They just don't know it yet.”


“Interview on the ROCKINBILLY HOT ROD AND BLUES REVIEW Oct. 11, 2011”