Vinny Vegas / Press

“Earnestness in popular music comes with risks attached. Not least of those risks involves communicating with listeners in ways that are immediately understandable. “Ogre Hands”—the flipside to Vinny Vegas’ 2010 single “Mallets”—is almost snarlingly earnest, a scrabbling trawl through the disappointments and resignations of adult life that suggests a more emo, less balladic take on Pearl Jam’s “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.” The rest of the Baltimore band’s catalog is thematically similar, a roiling mélange of styles that congeals into a sort of avant dad-rock stew: a slightly off-kilter normal that doesn’t quite gel with the anarchic, nu-punk, and defiantly experimental sounds with which the City That Bleeds is often associated.”

"It’s no easy task to create heavily layered music with experimental song structures and have it still appeal to the common music fan rocking out at their desk, but Vinny Vegas manages to do so with this release."

"There is not a single track on Vinny Vegas' new album Land of Giants that is bad, or even borders on mediocre. Every one song has its place. The only negative part about this EP it's length. The 5 song EP keeps you wishing for more. The piano-driven rock that this band creates seems unlike any other, and is definitely an album I’ll be listening to for a while. 5 out of 5 [TG]"

"I am very much endeared by both the soundscape and the ambition of Vinny Vegas

“Vinny Vegas aren’t afraid to break out in some serious vocal harmonies, piano riffs, or what is labeled on their Land Of Giants album as cymbal parties, which create a particularly entertaining show for music enthusiasts.”

"Vinny Vegas fcking DESTROYS it! These guys should really be famous right now. If you like indie rock, you’re going to fall in love with this band. There’s not much else I can say about them, other than buy their new vinyl!" - The Beatplay Experiment

"Vinny Vegas strut their progressive stuff with well-deserved confidence – their playing ability is top-notch, and their creativity knows no bounds."

Soundproof Magazine, Toronto, ON