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“Vinnie Zummo “Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America Vol 3″ Once again Vinnie Zummo gives us a collection of stylistic homages in several different genres. The melody of “I Wanna Love You” features bright Breach Boys styled harmonies, and Vinnie’s compelling lead. The slide guitar and jangley melody of “Play Paul McCartney” sure to warm the hearts of power pop fans everywhere. He uses retro Beatles song structure on “Can’t You See,” and a vintage Stevie Wonder harmonica for the soul pop of “Funky Games.” He even does Steely Dan on “Howd This Happen,” the man is the definition of versatility. His wife Janice really stands out as the vocalist for the country tune “Pocket Full of Soul.” You’ve got a massive twenty of tracks of music and I have to say that Vinnie’s songwriting and production have continued to improve. Recommended tracks are “Heartless,” “Just For You,” “Living On The Sun,” and with “George Harrison” he’s got a song f”

"The CD 's very different. Every cut an original song but also a tribute 2 artists, like The Beatles, EWF, Beach Boys, Cream, Les Paul, Bert Kaempfert, Pat Martino, Jeff Beck, Bob Wills, and Elvin Jones. It's very eclectic. I have a dual love of rock 'n' roll & jazz & wanted to pay homage 2 the music that first excited & inspired me. I play most of the axes but we have great guests, including Joe Jackson, Graham Maby, Marshall Crenshaw, Will Lee, Shawn Pelton, Terry Silverlight, Mark Egan, & Gary Burke. My fave is a song called "Ringo," which is a loving tribute to Mr. Starr & the Fabs. I tried to get as close as possible to the Beatle sound, & took days to get just the right drum sound. The lyrics deal with my obsession with Ringo's playing. I played everything on the song except Tim Ouimette on piccolo trumpet, & Reed Hays on cello.

"There are great guitar players….then there are true musicians that are great guitar players. Vinnie Zummo is most definitely the latter. Just by exchanging a bunch of emails and listening to his music you get the sense that Vinnie is literally a walking vessel of music. I imagine if you handed Vinnie a few common everyday items he could create an album that would make your head spin and make producers and engineers scratch their heads….!!! Oh, but give him a guitar and watch out!!!"