Vindice / Press

“Local rock act Deo Vindice — seniors Alex Welsh, Kane Yak,and Zach Warmouth, Danny McMaster — came in 3rd last weekend at the High School Rock Off Final Exam at the House of Blues in Cleveland, but the quartet is feeling like a winner. “I thought we played very well. We have no regrets. So it’s definitely a win in our books.” “Getting into the top- three spot really separates us from the rest,” Warmouth said. “It shows that there’s something above and beyond, and one thing people are starting to understand that we are trying to be more than just the average band. I’ve noticed a difference in just people that we know around us, and how they’ve been treating us. I think they realize now how much this really does mean to us.” We’re going to keep pushing forward and playing as many shows as possible. Right now, it’s just get our name out. We’re going to keep playing for the rest of our lives together.””