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“Song Spinner: Painkiller Morning by Vincent Tuckwood - VIDEO”

“Song Spinner - Tuckwood’s past reveals a new ‘Morning’: “It was like the guitar was haunted,” Tuckwood says. “I couldn’t actually remember some of the chords, but the subconscious is weird. Muscle memory had taken over and my Strat brought those chords back! Plus, as I realized what I was doing, I randomly looked up and saw an old Grope set list taped to my studio wall. It hit me that none of those old songs had ever been recorded.””

“When taken as a whole, the CD is a tour de force... With his feet planted in music, no matter the genre, you can find Vince Tuckwood’s uncommon sensibility as a rock poet in these songs.”

“It was such a blessing to have the song For Granted by Vince Tuckwood in my film "Create Option C: My Journey With Cancer" As it brought the emotions for the scenes in the film to life, it truly moved the audience.”

“Americana Album Of The Year 2014 - Sparse by Vincent Tuckwood”

“Sparse brought me some peace this morning after learning of my friend's passing... thank you”

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“[Good Sponge Sampler] Volume II showcases some of the best musicians in Connecticut all on one album; 18 songs that are pure ear candy for all ages. There is literally something for everyone on this album. There is just so much I could say about each and every song and this review would take forever so I present to you my TOP 5. ... 2 Pieces -Vince Tuckwood A dark acoustic piece that spotlights Vince’s story telling. ...”

“... The bare-bones image of tree branches against a winter sky on the CD cover, shot from a view straight up in his backyard, captures visually the longing for connection in his words and the sturdy tone to his sweet voice. Most compelling is “Be Still,” a plea for someone close to stop talking incessantly and pay attention. Vocally assertive in a gentle way (“Be still, just breathe, just be,”), the only instrument, guitar, is as hypnotic as it is clear and — here is that word again — delicate...”

“... singer-songwriter Vince Tuckwood performs a folky ballad in a falsetto with shades of Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley... From review of Good Sponge Sampler Vol II (http://GoodSponge.com)”

“PRAISE FOR ESCALATION: "I found this book to be very hard to put down, and once I got halfway through I was unable to stop reading until I found out what happened at the end. Vince has created a believable, frightening, suspenseful tale of small-town politics and high school tension that could easily happen in any small New England town. The reader almost feels like he or she is back in high school, watching this story unfold around him or her, and reliving the stress of those teenage years. This fast-moving story will draw you in and take you for a thrilling ride. Highly recommended!"”

“PRAISE FOR ESCALATION: "Escalation was a fast, enjoyable read for me. Perfect with morning coffee and croissants while watching the world go by. The characters were complex and likeable enough to draw me into the story. It kept me guessing like a good crime thriller should, but with more real people. I felt a little confused by the actions of Charlene in the climax of the story but perhaps that was Vincent's intention as I found myself excited to reach the final chapter to find out what happened! An enjoyable glimpse into small town American politics, which probably could be applied around the world! Perfect for a train journey, flight, retail therapy or just sitting on a bench in the sun. Looking forward to the next journey Mr Tuckwood take us on."”

“PRAISE FOR ESCALATION: "As this story unfolds Vince uses style and color to make this a tale that the reader sees, feels and experiences. This is all accomplished using highly readable, almost colloquial language that promotes page flipping -- The premise is unique and the characters are ones that you will recognize to the point that you begin to believe this is potentially non-fiction. The reader is craftily woven into the story -- solidly capturing and holding your attention. It only appears to be a "light read" whose premises stay with you long after you've finished it -- on to the rest of Vince's offerings!"”

“PRAISE FOR FAMILY RULES: "... The story ricochets between the UK and New York, the 1980′s and present day, all narrated [sic] in Kenny’s plaintive voice. He was at once a child who had to grow up too quickly, and an adult who never did grow up, suspended in a state of perpetual discomfort and discombobulation. Kenny’s life as a child actor is central to the story, but surprisingly it is not accusatory. Throughout it all Kenny is damaged, but he is not deviant- a small, but important, distinction. My verdict: Read it! One thought I had as I raced through Family Rules is that it is what A Million Little Pieces could have been, had it been good. For all the over the top angst and drama spewed by Frey, he didn’t get it right. Tuckwood has managed to create a believable story that leaves us feeling both saddened and hopeful for the main character. It is still early in the year, but I have a feeling that Family Rules may very well end up on my list of top reads in 2012…””