Vincent Pablo / Press

“Superb craftsmanship across the board..lovely thoughtful lyrics and excellent production...world class talent..cheers”


“World class talent here:Listen to "Born to be free-incredible”

The Rhesus Monkey--Reverbnation

“This is an ocean of inspiration here.What else to feel than just shivers when listening to "shiver.This is an exciting page.Keep the music coming.All the best-Kappi and the crew.”

Ships of Gold--reverbnation

“Great music with soul.Whatta voice..wow..stay away from dark beer and mindy the legendary waitress..Love your soul on the line and the real passion.The real deal”

Scrumby the flea---reverbnation

“Enjoying your awesome music.Super work on "Let it out,great lyrics too”

Tony Fernandez--reverbnation

“Vincent your voice is amazing.LOVE LOVE LOVE”

the thought provoker--reverbnation

“I wish I have half of your talent.Excellent”


"Purple Skies-wonderful.Great melody and arrangement..

Garden of Cyrus-Reverbnation

“Once upon a turqoise ball I met s sacred soul- That transcended all reality Telepathic Rock and Roll- I remember when we met... I said that Hendrix is still alive!- I still believe its true my friend!- This dream will never die-- JustRich --Rich--- myspace”


“I know Vincent for so many years,we jam together a lot,we are close friends and I love him so much....He is breathing and living with music his entire life..his ability to write music in such a high class, always makes me feel that I am lucky to know him so well....he is a rare fountain somewhere in a very special fairytale...can be sweet and cynical at the same time....trippy and down to earth....we always put together new guitars from parts or selling to each other,testing them out..he is the one who makes them cry and scream(listen to*DRIFTING)....a very *open to anything musician.. love him”

Chris Ladikas - Chris Ladikas----MANAGEMENT

“What can I say about Vincent?Always surprises me,going so easy from one form to the other,remaining always a quality song creator,painting his songs with so many colors....A star in his own right...a talented musician and singer,a true chameleon.Its like you hear John Lennon and Vincent(Dream on,Let it out) jamming with Curtis Mayfield-Prince and Marvin Gaye(Born to be free) at the same time....so many songs in a song. Listen carefully and you gonna have a colorful journey.You wont regret it”

Jess Blackcatbone---Friend-music promoter-music lover - Jess Blackcatbone