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Timmy and the Vigilantes / Press

“The problem is that the song's round of drum solos are missing which does not give the music power.”

On, "Somebody Else, Take 2"

“drums and guitar too low. vocals I couldn't tell if it was a woman or man- recording too low. couldn't hear it well. reminds me of a mix between the beatles and the rolling stones. not too bad..not studio quality. I think it could be redone better.”

On, "The Conditional Dance"

“This track is poor, to say the least. The quality of the sound is insulting to the listener who struggles to hear it. Take this one back to the studio or computer & cut it with some quality. Remember, you should never put out less than your best because it's the only chance you have to make a first impression. From what I could hear, the instrumentals sound average. The lyrics sound ok. The arrangement sounds weak. This is barely worthy of a review. Try again”

On, "Somebody Else"

“the drums are good and The beats to the song are great. Love the singer and the writer, they put the words perfectly. The bass to it is super.the song over all it is a great song and I love the singer and song. would recommend it to friends, i would not change a thing”

on "Somebody Else", take 2

“I thought this song was adorable. The lyrics were wonderful and the music behind it felt really, really well. The whole song just went together very nicely. I liked that it was a little different and this is definitely a song I would listen to and get stuck in my head for hours. I thought it kept an interesting beat and used its own original sound, which I really liked”

On "Somebody Else", take 2

“the arrangement was about the most impressive part of the song in my opinion. i think too many songs i hear are far too repetitive but this song was like i don't know, it takes you on an adventure.”

On "Rose"

“the intro is pretty interesting and unique sounding. it really almost reminds me of pink floyd a little in a way. the guitar riff during the intro is hypnotic and i really like the way the instruments play off each other. the vocals sound weird and sort of muffled and nasally. they sound unique which i really enjoy and the harmonies are really beautiful and sort of almost haunting in a way. the lyrics are tight and artful. the lyrics feel inspiring to me.”

On "Rose"

“The artist was boring and dull. There was no manliness in the tone of his voice”

On "Rose"

“the genre of this song is kind of strange, I do not know whether to consider it Irish, or club, or techno”

on "Little Canyons"

“Her voice makes me think she should be part of girl band to start with. But then i feel like she's trying to strain her voice and sound un-naturally emotive.”

On "Walmart"

“What a funny intro, somewhat racist against caucasians.”

On "Walmart"

“I dont like the start of the song, it seems really dumb and it's not a smart to a song. I don't like it already. I almost feel like you are just talking, there isn't much singing. The instrumentals are almost non existant. I think this would sound like a novel being a narrator.”

On "Walmart"

“It seems very old fashioned and overly comical.”

On "Walmart"

“Tries to be many things. My guess is 1980 pop/electronica? Maybe mimicking the Benny Benassi sound? Satisfaction? It fails miserably.”

On "Little Canyons"

“What on earth does "little canyons in your skin" mean?”

On "Little Canyons"

"this sort of song will appeal to probably a lot of listeners who partake in controlled substances since this song is "out there" and has no meaning or purpose."

On "Little Canyons"

“You sound really sad and weird the whole time.”

On "Little Canyons"

“I'd give this two thumbs up and an awkward attempt at getting funky”

Tyler Stup - Facebook comment

“These are the kind of noises I imagine coming out of my closet at one in the morning.”

Lily Oram - Reaction to my album