Vile Red Falcons / Press

“The rock on "Under Your Skin" is highly derivative of so much music that has come before it that it will all seem somewhat familiar while at the same time be as fresh and exciting as only new album can be. They play music on the heavier side, while not being overwhelming, with songs that can trace their roots all the way back to the blues and influences of early masters of electric rock, while matching the tremendous sounds of any stoner rock music from the high desert or fuzz from across the globe, allowing for great fun and enjoyable listening to songs that pull you in and envelope you in a tremendous sound of thrashing, melodic guitars, hard driving rhythm, and soulful, adept vocals, all wrapped within wonderful riffs, hooks, melodies, and intelligent, fun lyrics.”

“Ten tracks are what you get on “Under Your Skin” and the beauty to this writer is that while the Falcons definitely have an instantly recognizable sound each song stands on it’s own and don’t blend together which would be easy an easy trap to fall into. Lead singer John Beidel sings with conviction, emotion and determination.”

“Fuzz-laden guitars spew out exclusively massive riffs; drums are huge, pummeling monsters; lyrics and vocals are melodic, yet unerringly filled with attitude. These are heavy pop songs, in essence, and they wouldn't sound out of place in a two-hour rock block on a '90s alternative station.”

“If so, consider introducing yourself to The Vile Red Falcons. You’ll probably find you have things in common, like a love for the churning, sludgy warmth of the ’90s, grunge-built music scene and a fondness for wearing thermal undershirts. Really, you and The Vile Red Falcons are probably perfect for each other.”

“As I said, the night was ultimately owned by The Vile Red Falcons, and not just because their name was at the top of the posters. John B and crew hopped on stage and picked up right where The Fuzz left off an hour before, blistering through to midnight on guitars, guitars, and guitars. ”