VilaFishburn / Press

“My Christmas present to myself: the show I've been wanting to do for six years now. When I think back on 105 episodes of this little hobby of mine, most of what I remember is from the early shows. Lets face it, I didn't know what I was doing for the first year of this. Actually, many would say I still don't know, but at least now I've got a consistent system and even a quirky style going for me. Some of the people who I now consider among my best friends came out of those shows, and many of the bands quickly became the ones that I followed closely and played most-frequently in the ol' MP3 player. Vilafishburn is a prime example of this. Yeah, maybe the first interview wasn't my best work, but the music was magical to me, and the guys were just cool as heck to hang out with -- drinking a couple of frosty beers at a curbside table in Broad Ripple in the stifling summer heat of 2006. ”

“Just in from the "better late than never" department, this week's show features the long-promised interview with Vilafishburn, recorded last summer and delayed by the "great laptop meltdown" and subsequent schedule reshuffling. As such, this will be the last of the "old format" shows, with at least the next nine released episodes following the format established in Shows 9 and 10. The interview was recorded in an outdoor patio area in Broadripple, so it features the usual couple of "rough audio" spots as motorcycles drive by and jukeboxes start playing RIAA-licensed music a bit too loudly. Just think of this as "charming ambience" and try to remember what a muggy 90-degree summer night on "club row" feels like as you deal with the two feet of snow and sub-zero wind-chills that have plagued Indianapolis as of late. ”