Viking Jesus(Kris Hansen) / Press

“Lyrically, Hansen wears his heart on sleeve (look up “A Song For My Father”) while often tackling social and political issues (he just penned two new songs, “ICU” and “Boston Marathon”) via an eclectic stylistic mixture which is heavily influenced by artists ranging from the Cure and Elliott Smith to the Beatles and the Beach Boys. “Our sound is all over the place, and most of the time we are paying some sort of weird homage to an artist we love,” he said. Eclectic and catchy cuts fill the VJ debut right from the start on album openers “Ebola” (which first appeared on the Left Hand Band disc), “1 & 7,” and “Reinventing the Square.” While Hansen is proud of the album, he noted that “where it gets crazy is with our live show.” Read more: http://providence.thephoenix.com/music/155019-blessed-for-success/#ixzz2afRlLvCV ”

Chris Conti - The Providence Phoenix

“I ran into Kris Hansen, a stranger to me, I bummed a cigarette from him and found he looked familiar. Before too long, we established that we had been classmates. Right away, taking in the bird's-nest beard, sand dune locks and world-weary gravitas, I knew his music must be good. He looked like he'd just made his way across the Mojave Desert after having stayed in Venice Beach a day too long. He looked like every poet worth his salt should look: liked he'd lived a number of lives. In reality, he has lived at least two. The Duty of a poet is to make for your eyes and ears what can only be seen or heard by the heart; to give to you in its purest form an experience you have not had, or have had and couldn't explain. This is the joyous music you make to be sure that the next time that door opens, many years on, you won't regret some chance you didn't take, some gas you left in the tank, some cards you left face down on the table. This is the music of a courageous poet.”

G.W. MERCURE - Motif Magazine

“Despite living in a world that is seemingly rotating off its axis and just plain miserable, there are, believe it or not, many reasons to give thanks. You just have to look for them. Kris Hansen, for one, doesn’t have to look real far. The local musician, songwriter, and engineer nearly lost his life after being struck by a brain aneurysm in 2001. Leading up to that tragedy, Hansen had been working in the music business for over a dozen years. But the aneurysm figuratively crippled him. In fact, when something like that happens, most folks would have to kiss everything and everybody goodbye. But Hansen defied death; somehow, he’s lived to tell about it. Actually, he spends more time singing about it. Since the episode, Hansen has experienced an artistic rebirth, a burst of creativity, as if he’s trying to make up for all the writing time he’s missed. It’s a musical jacquard of styles, from breezy, jazzy, and psyche pop to folk, roots, and classic rock. ”

Bob Gulla - The Providence Pheonix