Vida Killz / Press

“It’s a sad life to live when the general population doesn’t have any understanding of what goes on inside your head. Every one of my girlfriends was bi-sexual, so being in the population wasn’t new to me. What was new to me was just how hard she spit the inside of her emotions to be recorded for future generations of trapped souls to know that they are not alone.”

“IN A HIP-HOP culture that sometimes can't seem to decide which it hates more, gays or women, could anybody blame a lesbian emcee for keeping her private life on the down low? Or, conversely, coming not-so-straight outta her hometown with a chip on her shoulder that allows her entire career to be defined by her preference for girls? But San Jose's Vida Killz has done neither. She's best known for delivering intense raps over beds of dark and atmospheric beats and has managed to be totally open about her sexuality without being defined by it. When she writes a bruising relationship song, it's not the pronouns that stick out—there's so much more to think about that a lot of listeners don't even notice them the first time through.”

“Last night one of the artists on stage stood out for her commitment and passion for her art. Vida Killz lyrics were hard, fast, strong and "moving". Along with her duo partner Matt G on an acoustic guitar, they started the night and took home "best act" of the night. Thanks Vida and Matt for sharing your talents.”

“Vida Killz is a good friend of mine and a dope emcee out of San Jose, CA. She’s featured on my upcoming Wikileaking EP. Yesterday she dropped this video for her track “No H8″ and I think its awesome. I hope you will take a minute to check it out and appreciate what she is saying. You can download her music for free at vidakillz.com. Show some support to great independent music!”

“VIDEO: VIDA KILLZ – ORO CORAZON Isolated Wax’s Vida Killz (everything) & the visuals for the dope track Oro Corazon which can be found off her latest EP. Which can be found in the collection of all EP’s! Make sure you follow her & check her out from time to time to see whats good in the hood.”

“Vida is another upcoming MC who is super dope! Make sure to sign up for her monthly EPs. Here is a track she did with a friend of mine.”