Victor Wainwright / Press

“2012 BMA Nominee Pine Top Perkins Piano Player of the Year Award”

"Every track is brilliant... where songwriting, performance, production, and pure talent come together just right. Don't miss it!"

"This is straight-up Blues of the first order;... Check out this musical offering & hear the future of the Blues for yourself."

“Among the dozens of groups trying to find a place in the sun there are few chosen but Victor Wainwright and his accomplices stand out!”

“#2 in France”

"...wherever you put down the needle, it's just pure, dead, brilliant."



“#13 Living Blues Charts July 2011”

“#1 Sirius XM Radio ”

"...if you really consider yourself a fan of the blues then it needs to be on your shelf."

“The content of this album will win you over on first listen and that's it!”

Soundguardian - CROATIA