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“Eclectic, multicultural and multilinguistic, electronic, industrial, found-instrument sounding, patched and welded together of wonderful and weird musical styles and traditions, into a distinctive, and wondrous sound. You don’t need to see the “steampunk” in Victor Sierra’s music – it paints the perfect example of it in your mind. Victor Sierra’s new album “Strange Country”, simply put, maker-culture at its finest. Like Abney Park’s Airship Isabella, Victor Sierra is based on the fictional Hydrogen Queen, a sort of home-sweet-home for their sound and souls. And this song is a lyrical, sweet (as sweet as the industrial-punk sound of Victor Sierra ever gets) ode to what it means to be a steampunk. The lyrics are important with this band, too – definitely pay attention – but nowhere as much as in this track.  Victor Sierra is really taking off now, and I look forward to seeing where theHydrogen Queen brings us next.”

“Victor Sierra – Go For The Strange. A ‘Full 10 Pip’ Album Review from the Steampunk Almanac. “The outstanding third album from Parisian steampunk maestros Victor Sierra is a masterpiece of adrenaline fuelled, industrial inspired rhythm that simply defies you not to make merry and dance. Building and developing the characters of the individual band members and crew of the fictional (or, so they tell us) airship the ‘Hydrogen Queen’ across a series of interweaved illustrative soundscapes, the new album has a deeply personal feel to the songs which only further reenforces Victor Sierra’s well deserved reputation as one of the Steampunk community’s most respected and imaginative collective of musical storytellers. Go For The Strange features a superb collection of tracks with a full bodied flavour more than able to delight the dance floor and yet subtle enough to enhance a laid back personal trance.”

“The third full album of Victor Sierra and the third I am going to review and this is getting ridiculous. OK, disclaimer, I supported the fundraiser, Victor Sierra is one of my favourite bands (and their song Mastermind is one of my all time favourite songs) and Commander Bob is one of my oldest friends in the Steampunk scene, but, when I listen to an album, I do my best to be honest. Go for the Strange picks up where Yesterday’s Tomorrow ended. The albums are not topically connected, but when you listen to one and then to the other, it is like one smooth transition from one classic to the next. Again, the album is multilingual, again, Victor Sierra’s very own style is instantly recognizable. This is a very energetic album indeed. The Hydrogen Queen is going full steam ahead. Victor Sierra have delivered another outstanding album, their best to date, I think. Let’s hope it will put them in the spotlight and give them the popularity in the Steampunk scene they truly deserve!”

“That's the proposition behind Go For the Strange, the third record by French trio Victor Sierra. Their lyrics invoke airships and lost continents, but their sound is firmly rooted in the synth new wave of the "Me" decade. Echoing, processed drums, repetitive basslines and burbling, sequenced keyboards dominate here, supporting imaginative songwriting that bears repeat listening. A trio with lead singer Anouk (billed on the Steampunk Wiki as "The Legendary Converted Princess Anouk"), multi-instrumentalist Commander Bob Eisenstein and synth programmer/composer Big Machine, this group started out in the techno-electronic scene before adding pipes, valves and gears to grease up their sound. The songs on Go For the Strange pulse and drive with an electronic beat, with a firm influence from British New Romanticism, the experimentation of Stereolab and the dark sound of goth-rock.”

“From the moment Victor Sierra’s Go for the Strange kicked off, I knew I was in for an atmospheric experience. The third album album by the French steampunk band wastes no time, its lead track “Unquiet Days” launching us into a relatable world torn asunder by political division. Harmonica cuts through atop a clanking, dread-inducing industrial beat as vocalists Commander Bob and Anouk admonish those that “love to hate”. We surge ahead with the tense tale “The Fall of the Airship Solitaria”, a four-on-the-floor kick carrying us along with Bob, Anouk, and keyboardist/programmer Big Machine as their characters desperately try to escape a squadron of Prussian fighters. Anouk’s unique voice really serves the song’s hook. The songs speak often of bleak worlds in search of hope. “Angels Roll out the Night” takes us down a downtrodden boulevard whose denizens face an uncertain future, sowing the seeds of revolution. Dirty guitar and a pounding beat lead us into the catchy”

“ Victor Sierra – Unquiet Days Steampunk Victor Sierra‘s journey towards the unknown continues on their third studio album Go for the Strange on which the French Steampunks keep true to their extraordinary sound.”

“Yesterday’s Tomorrow, gives you more of what you have come to expect and enjoy! This French band brings back sultry vocals of the Anouk Adrien, the musical genius of Bob Eisenstein, and their lackey, Big Machine. The combination of thick electronic back beat with powerful guitar brings each song to you with passion. Each track is a heart thumping, foot-tapping journey through a musical driven landscape. The lyrics are meaningful and interesting, commanding your attention as they paint you a vision of dark days and hopeful futures, telling you the story of the adventures of the Hydrogen Queen and her crew.”

“So here it is, the Steampunk album I have waited for ever since I read it was in the works. After listening to and liking Electric Rain, their previous album, I was very excited to get an early copy of Yesterday’s Tomorrow.The album contains both singles available previously, such as Steampunk Symphony and the title track of the famed web series of the same name, Dirigible Days, but the majority is new material, and what material it is! Victor Sierra display a versatility in styles and especially languages unmatched by any other Steampunk band and hardly approached by other bands in general. We find tracks in English (with Annouk’s charming French accent), French, Spanish, and once again Yiddish. The music is a powerful blend of EBM and rock with ethno elements for flavour. Every track is unique, nothing is even remotely off-the-shelf.”

“The brand new 12 song release of French steampunk band Victor Sierra certainly does not disappoint and is without a shadow of a doubt a fabulous addition to steampunk music worldwide. With their mix of rock, EBM, ethnic influences and multilingual vocals Victor Sierra delivers another great full album and prove once again that they are an original band and not just in the steampunk scene, but generally seen as well. Even though the band is French they sing not only in the country’s language but also in German, English and Spanish, which adds for more detail and flavour to their musical storytelling without breaking the coherence in their style and album line-up of the songs.”

“Victor Sierra takes listeners on a unique journey with Electric Rain, in a great way. Granted for this reviewer there are some language gaps, some of the tracks are in French, Spanish, one is in German, and then the rest in English. Even with the language barrier the songs can still be appreciated, as well they should be. Compositions are solid on the instrumentation side of the equation and vocals are strong regardless of the language being sung in. Steampunk (...) is a subgenre of goth rock/metal combined with various and varying elements of industrial, vaudville, rock, punk, and classical. To describe the sound of steampunk beyond that to a non-fan is difficult so this reviewer, as a fan of the genre, always recommends to listen to a steampunk band to understand the vibe (...)Victor Sierra is definitely a band to give a listen to, and then another and perhaps another after that, whether you're new to the genre or a fan.Victor Sierra gets a solid 4 out of 5 for Electric Rain.”

“A compelling sense of tension, of bridled fierce potency percolates from many of the compositions, which seem to possess an underlying current of revolution and of awakening, of action and dynamism(...)Victor Sierra’s Electric Rain is a call to take roads not taken, to explore and seek unknown destinations(...) It is about uchrony, or alternate history, the ‘what if‘ which is the foundation of Steampunk; and they succeed exceedingly well at this.The vocal and musical contrasts, the sense of subterranean power and its need for release, and the combination of the electronics of Big Machine, the composing and multiple instruments of Bob Eisenstein, and the distinctive vocals of Anouk Adrien – which simultaneously recall the past, yet are completely contemporary – have created an album which steps into the realm of musical revolution. Victor Sierra, to my knowledge, is the only band bringing Steampunk to Paris, and possibly, to France. I await their next foray into unchartered te”

“Victor Sierra sono un gruppo francese di musica elettronica con venature Steampunk che si presenta con questo terzo lavoro “Electric Rain” il quale è, a mio parere, molto più darkwave elettronico che non steampunk ma ciò non deve  far desistere l’ascoltatore. Questo “Electric rain” è interessante per ciò che propone ovvero una mistura tra elettronica con venature “malate” ed industrial alle vaporose e fumogene idee del pensiero steam cantate in più lingue.Abbiamo pezzi in francese (la lingua madre del gruppo) pezzi in spagnolo, in inglese e persino in yiddish per dare, a mio avviso, un filo conduttore che ci porta in quell’ Europa ucronica di fine diciannovesimo secolo che è parte integrante di ciò che è lo steampunk.”

“Steampunk music is a hot topic. How do you make a form of science fiction into a music scene, especially when all the bands embracing the label sound completely different?(...)Whether you’re listening to Abney Park, Steam-Powered Giraffe, Professor Elemental or more, the sounds are all different. But that’s the beauty of steampunk music for those of us with eclectic tastes.Victor Sierra brings us yet another entirely new sound in the steampunk music scene. When I started playing through the tracks, my untrained ears sensed an Arabian vibe. But before you get too comfortable with the artistic stylings of one song, you’re launched into an entirely new experience in the next.(..)Electric Rain is an enjoyable album worth purchasing. If you’re like me and tire of music very quickly, you’ll find that Victor Sierra’s musical stylings will keep you interested. Bored? Just switch to the next track for an entirely different experience.”

“I was recently privileged to interview a band that has been bringing Steampunk Music, almost single handedly it seems, to Paris and the rest of France. When I first listened to their newest album "Electric Rain", my first thoughts were "very fun and very Steampunk!" About the steampunk part, they don't even try to be subtle and that's why I like it so much. About this interview, my first gut reaction when I thanked them for the interview seems very appropriate in describing how it came across and so I will share it with you: What I really like is that it is very candid, personal, and brutally honest! It is also funny one moment and philosophical the next. I especially laughed when big machine switched from rock star mentality to one of the most profound definitions of steampunk music I have encountered to date.”

“21 Steampunk Songs for the New Year. (Victor Sierra is at slot n° 2/17) Steampunk Vol1 & Vol 2. These are the Steampunk songs and bands of the first ever Steampunk soundtrack, which was put together for G. D. Falksen's novel The Hellfire Chronicles: Blood In The Skies www.amazon.com/Hellfire-Chronicles-Blood-Skies/dp/1434432084 This musical compilation represents the combined work of some of the top award winning steampunk bands and musicians from across the world, who have come together to provide you with music to listen to while reading Blood In The Skies. The soundtrack also features an exclusive preview of the book, read by the author. Full track lists and artists listed below along with all the information on this fan favorite novel series. These are the bands and the songs that contributed to the first ever steampunk soundtrack.”

“Sometimes kismet certainly comes into play when one least expect it... as I trudge through my re-re-written future piece, I was contacted by a Mr. B. Eisenstein, one of the very talented musicians from the Steampunk musical group Victor Sierra, regarding their latest work, Electric Rain. As many may know, I can be a bit stodgy with some of my musical selection, but as I am a curious sort, I took a listen to their recently released album... and I am quite glad I did! Unlike some recent popular musical productions, Victor Sierra's music attend to the genre in a very well-done manner. Many of the tracks are unique works, but as I beat my keys, my fancy has been subsumed by their rendition of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, which is, as everyone knows, refers to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Mr. L. Carroll. By all means, do take a visit to indulge in their musical works, and I am confident you will pleasantly surprised!”

“En este número, toca hablar de una banda que rápidamente se ha con- vertido en una de mis favoritas de la es- cena steampunk, tanto por su propuesta musical, que sin duda es muy interesante, como por sus ideas acerca del steam. Vic- tor Sierra es una banda que recomiendo a todo aquel que guste del steampunk y del retro-futurismo en general. Sus miem- bros se mostraron muy amables para re- alizar esta entrevista, que les dejo a con- tinuación.”

“VictorSierra(ヴィクターシエラ) 彼らは先月の11月29日に3rdデジタルアルバム 「Electric Rain 」をリリースしフランスを中心に活動中。 インダストリアル+エスニック好きには是非おススメ! 全11曲収録されたデジタルアルバムは配信のみなのて 彼らのバンド名をクリックしてまずは試聴してみて欲しい。 スチームパンクは基本ヴィクトリアン調なのだけど 「ベリーダンス」などのエスニックな要素も入ってたりする。 サイバー、ロック、インダストリアル、エスニック、ゴス、パンク... もしかしたらすべてまとめた総称は「スチームパンク」なのかも?! ...なんてね。 話はそれたけれど、みんな!VSのアルバムでスチパンに浸れ!! てなわけで、そいじゃまたね♪ ”

“Victor Sierra, das sind neben den Gründern Bob Eisenstein und Anouk Adrien auch Big Machine. Sie bilden gleichzeitig auch die Crew des Luftschiffs Hydrogen Queen. Commander dieser völlig einzigartigen Steampunk Band ist Bob Eisenstein. Wie ich bereits erwähnte, gibt es nicht den typischen Klang einer Steampunkband, so ist auch Victor Sierra etwas ganz eigenes und anderes als die anderen Bands, die ich hier bereits vorstellte. In anderen Worten basiert der musikalische Stil von Victor Sierra auf Elektro-, Indie- und Rockelementen und lässt dadurch die Musik maschineller und metallischer klingen. Eine ganz eigene Interpretation des Genre. ”

“Arabesque, haunting, throaty and filled with European duende, Paris-based Victor Sierra’s album “Electric Rain” is perfect for Steampunks who want a less England- central experience. With lyrics in French, German, Yiddish, and English, Victor Sierra’s Anouk Adrien, Bob Eisenstein and Big Machine offer international flavor and haunting melodies mixed with a driving, relentless rhythm that pushes the listener along the train tracks of the album. Victor Sierra provides an album that is the epitome of what the Steampunk aesthetic is all about – craftsmanship, cultural mixing, passion, raw feeling, cryptic theatricality, pride in your creation, and just a dash of cheeky social anarchy.”

“The first feature that struck me was Anouk Adrien voice. Vocals are primarily in English (with an absolutely charming french accent) but there are also tracks in French, Spanish and (surprisingly) Yiddish on this very varied album. There is a quality to Electric Rain, a certain edginess, I had encountered before....I do not think Electric Rain is a concept album, but some songs have a very danceable military beat to them which again I find very enjoyable. There are also some oriental tunes and the almost obligatory industrial noises, all very fitting. Electric Rain is a very danceable album. If I had to pick a favourite track it would be Blood in the Skies but there is not a single track on the album I do not like. Electric Rain is another excellent, very enjoyable album.Electric Rain contrasts sharpely with No.One. by BB Black Dog I reviewed earlier this week. Together they are testimony to the sheer creativity and spectrum of ideas covered by steampunk. Nine out of ten Zeppelins.”

“L'album démarre avec El Topo, magnifiquement arrangé pour l'occasion. Puis vient The Road Not Taken et Blood In The Skies, deux titres nouveaux lancés au rythme d'une locomotive à vapeur à travers les temps.(...)...une réussite totale ! Le tournant psychédélique amorcé, autant en profiter et se laisser envoûter par les esprits de Scratch My Door qui vous emmèneront si loin que vous aurez du mal à revenir à la réalité... Heurusement Laberinto et son tempo soutenu vous rappellera à l'ordre et arrivera même à vous émouvoir avec ses violons...Mastermind est une pièce à part dans l'album, surement le titre le plus puissant avec ses accords plaqués et son sythé très 70's sur une refrain ! Puis Yiddishe Klub nous fait voyager à travers le temps et les cultures. En effet, le texte est entièrement écrit en Yiddish ! (...)enfin, l'album se clôture sur un titre épique, Bridge to Nowhere qui nous transporte dans les grandes plaines au beau milieu d'une bataille pour l”

“Mené par troius musiciens, le projet de Victor Sierra a un quelque chose de très cinématographique. Pour s’en rendre compte, nous avons reçu un EP de quatre morceaux prouvant les combo entre rock symphonique, pop éthérée et musiques à l’image thématisées.(...) L’avis de la rédaction: Avec ce disque superbement réalisé, Bob Eisenstein et ses acolytes ne sont pas novices dans le domaine de la gestion des éléments sonores. Ces quatre titres montre une maîtrise parfaite des machines comme des voix. Le mixage offre en plus une cohésion parfaite à l’ensemble. A découvrir...”

KR home-studio Juillet-Aout 2011

“There are so many interesting sounds and layers to the music I was simply stunned. Anouk Adrien uses her highly seductive voice like a fine instrument while the music, expertly crafted by Bob Eisenstein and Big Machine, draws upon so many different cultural styles and ethnic sounds that you are left breathless. With everything going on, there is little I can really point out as being more exceptional then any other, but the music of Victor Sierra accomplishes something very many strive but rarely achieve: it literally places images of other worlds in your mind. Victor Sierra had given us some truly beautiful music with the release of Secret Page and I truly hope you check them out and some label gives them the resources to present to us a full-length work. ”

Coma Magazine (july 2011)

“And now(...)the retrofuturist electronic rock sound of the French band, Victor Sierra. Contrary to the name, Victor Sierra is a whole band, not just a front man. And their music is fascinating, if this is what French steampunk has to offer us. A four track EP, likely testing the waters, brings us a blend of industrial, world, and synthesized music, opening with “The Killer’s Kiss.” The blending of those delicious hammer-on-steel sounds makes most anything better. (...) I think anyone who has a love for the industrial sounds blended with ambient sounds and world music would be remiss to not add this EP to their collection, as well as to follow them via their social networks, as I am sure if their EP is this good, their debut full length album is guaranteed to leave a mark in our community.”

“Il n'existe pas de musiques qui soit à proprement parler Steampunk. A moins de mélanger des sons des années fin XIXe siècle avec des sons du XXIe siècle, dans un périlleux équilibre, comme le Dr Steel ou VICTOR SIERRA...”

“There are bands which can be referred to a particular style, and there’re bands which can not be. Victor Sierra is one of the latter kind. After intense listening to their songs I failed in doing any certain description for them. Sometimes they can go close to some indie stuff, sometimes they can remind of Complot’s “Rouge Reve” or the late stuff of Ein- sturzende Neubauten, but suddenly they can “switch on” ethnic, trance or pop tunes and break any comparison. Something certainly will happen so that we’ll hear the band’s name again... soon. Pall ‘Nattsol’ Zarutskiy ‘Grave Jibes Fanzine’”