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,,,lonely on the way into fame's one way 15:00 ticket.
Mapping home in my 35mm Storyboard Innovation.
Comic Book Strip Novel Form Innovation,
Datebook Duet.
,,,KodaChrome Colored with Crayloa Wax
or B+W Charchol layered photos. A new medium, new form
Home Movies explain the 35mm Storyboard In and Of Itself.
Board Gilrs exact X-Men X-Mass X-Games

"Textbook Awareness" In Form=Bubble Thought Frame.
Comic book notion of thought.
example voice over medium
Internal Narrative,,,story telling hand-me-downs

Victoria Salt=Lot's Wife Walks out of Sodom and Gamora,
turns to look back, forbidden to do so ,,,turns into a pillar of SALT=VICTORIA!!!

Add Animal Soul Mate Toetem Poems
5280 Denver Mile High Club North Face,,,
TRAVEL In2 Austin Mile High the Live Show Capitol of the World
,,,Motel Paper Tour

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Jane Doe - Producer
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Victoria Salt
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Comedy / Genesis 19 / Broken board spoken for

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Lolita, VA

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