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“The first words that entered my mind listening to Victoria Love were; meaning, layers and depth. There is depth and layers to the music from the instrumentation to the intricate way it weaves through her stories. There is depth and meaning in the lyrics themselves which are delivered with a voice that conveys it’s own depths and heights, a voice that can be soft and stirring then powerful and compelling. In short, Victoria Love gives us what a lot of music is missing, dynamics. Not just the highs and lows and stylistic offerings of musical dynamics, but it is dynamic. It’s forceful, conveys it’s own energy and leaves you effected. This alone would be enough for a lot of artists but Love takes things further, she’s taught at Girls Rock Camp and founded “Elle Acoustique” a regular event that supports women’s music. Love is currently working on a new album “Ataraxis” a follow up to her 2011 EP, “just breathe” which can be found on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. (Clic”

“Jessica A Smith (Montrose Star): What was the first song you ever remember hearing? Victoria Love: Wow, I couldn’t even tell you the answer to that question. I can tell you the first song I remember singing in front of people. That’s easy. It was “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley. According to my mother, I used to sing lots of Elvis, Michael Jackson and Arabic music. My father is Lebanese and he used to play his records for us all the time. I remember singing one of my favorite Arabic songs to myself in school when I was really young and this young boy looked at me like I was an alien. That’s a pretty funny memory to me now, although at the time, his look silenced me. I didn’t realize that other kids didn’t listen to it. I never thought one way or another about it until then. (Click Link & Scroll to Page 28)”

“Victoria Love- Headline Artist in Pop Vulture Magazine popVLTR: What was it like the first time you performed on stage? Do you still feel the same way? Victoria Love: Well, I was a fan long before a performer or writer/composer. Aside from a few piano lessons as a child and singing Elvis songs for my Mom all the time, I really started learning when I was 13. As soon as I could play a few songs, I jumped on stage. I was excited, but I was so nervous I thought my heart would explode. I still get a little nervous, but the minute I start playing, I feel right at home. Music is where I belong.”

“Victoria Love's latest single now on Major Label Rejects Vol. 3 Compilation Album”

“Girl: Do you write your own songs? What’s your inspiration? Victoria Love: I do write my own songs. It’s not always easy for me since I don’t have much of a technical background in music. I am mostly self-taught so I learned to read guitar tabs and then I just started figuring stuff out on my own. I was introduced to the music of Ani Difranco when I was a teenager, and I knew then that I wanted to be a songwriter. Before then, I just learned songs that I liked and played them in my room away from the judging eyes and ears of other people. I didn’t even sing much before then. I really loved to sing, I just never thought I was any good. Ani’s music, and everything that she is, empowered me. PJ Harvey has also been a huge inspiration. She is so weird and I love her for that. Both of these women are at the top of my list for amazing songwriters. When I really need some inspiration, I go see live shows, or listen to my favorite artists. I use to spend hours a day just listening”

“Now returned to Houston, Love has given that feel-good, porch-bound creative outburst more direction, presenting the monthly Elle Acoustique, scheduled April 18 at House of Blues’ Foundation Room. “All artists play together and song-swap,” she continues. “It’s basically a jam, but with structure. Everybody plays their own music and, sometimes, covers. It’s meant to have that ‘we’re sitting in your living room, jamming out’ kind of feel.””

"I advise other female rockers to get out of her way if you don't want to get run over."

"Victoria Love “just breathes” New Energy into a Long-Admired Music Career with Latest EP" -Angelique Jamail