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“Victor Gann's "The Devil's Been Busy" is more instrumental music from the impressive guitarist. The solos on the CD are highly entertaining, never over the top and not flashy for the sake of being flashy. Instead, they are an integral part of the song and help tell its story. It makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience than when someone is simply showing off or trying to impress with a showcase. The good news is that Gann's fretwork is enough to hold your attention throughout. As I said above, his style feels like more than solos, they feel like part of a song. I only wish those songs were a little brighter. There's some awesome musicianship going on here, too awesome. Here's to hoping Gann takes the whole thing to another level next time out. Now there's a recording I can't wait to hear! ”

“We aren’t graced by guitar virtuosos very often so when you hear one you take notice. Dallas’ own Victor Gann has earned his way into this prestigious fraternity the hard way, being formally educated at G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Hollywood and trained by some of the masters including Joe Satriani. The Devil’s Been Busy is Gann’s latest effort and it further illustrates his torrid talent. Guitar infused rock instrumentals like Gann’s are virtually impossible to pull off unless you’re on par with Vai, Santriani, Bonamassa or Shepherd. Gann gets a four finger salute for a legitimate attempt to reach this echelon. Gann demonstrates stellar ax work and is a big league talent riveted on a break out mission; intense volume is recommended, not suitable for the weak kneed or pale at heart. Navajo says splinter your speakers and chase your neighbors into the streets with this bad boy; 7.5. ”

“North Texas-based guitar virtuoso, Victor Gann, has returned with a new slab of astounding musicianship. Much in the same vain as Eric Johnson, Victor pours his soul into the music found on "The Devil's Been Busy." The guitar teacher knows music but is not one of those guitar geniuses that rely on theory and scales to write his songs. The emotion is evident with every note; not just the solos. Too many times you have an instrumental album that ONLY guitar players can get into. I'm glad to say, Victor is not one of those kinds of song writers and doesn't rely on scale knowledge to impress the listener. I have to say again…soul, and there is no other way to describe it. Case in point, "Beyond the Sun," has that feel good vibe without the sugar coating or blazing sweeps. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely tracks here that will tear the roof off an 85 Camaro doing 115 down I-35 (see the title track). I always look forward to Victor's discs and this one did not disappoint.”

“Victor Gann has been an active guitarist for over 20 years, studying with the like of Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, and even the great Joe Satriani. Yes, there is guitar hero stuff galore on here, but it's conducted with extreme skill and finesse. Those ready to rock are in for quite an adventure when placing this disc into your player. The opening title song will instantly grab your attention, and the compelling guitar work remains innovative throughout the entire recording. For Love is grand enough to be played on the airwaves while the mid-paced Beyond The Sun is an absolute thrill to the senses. Shannon and Victoria lighten things up greatly, demonstrating a smooth versatility to Gann's creative guitar work as well as spoken samples from loved ones. Another standout is 06/06/44, an exciting track showing Gann as a true guitar virtuoso. A Walk With God shows a spiritual side to Gann's gifted guitar work that is shimmering and vibrant. ”

“Listen to A.R.O and hear how Gann takes a primal rock progression and pairs it with licks he's cribbed from Chuck Berry (like everybody else, so there ain't no shame there!) -- and then he builds on the foundation, getting feet tapping and keeping interest high. And he follows that energetic pulse-pounder with the sweetly harmonious "Beyond the Sun," evoking the kinds of feelings also elicited by an emotion-channeling track such as Joe Satriani's "You're My World." "Black Gold" goes for a crunchy, alternating-speaker intro, followed by a sinuous secret-agent journey up and down the frets. And back to the title track, -- well, the tune drives so vigorously that you know that Victor’s own fingers are probably never idle, so therefore he’s just keeping that busy devil at bay with his own inspired music. You just have to admire a guy who lists his two main influences as Joe Satriani, fine, and Angus Young, woo-hoo, horns up.”

“Victor Gann's latest CD titled "The Devil's Been Busy" is a great example of a guitar player showing extensive range in his playing ability. Whether it be the rocking opening track which has the same name as the album or the more melodic song called 'Beyond the Sun', Victor has the chops to play with the big boys! Melody is Victor's strong suit which makes for great song writing and very entertaining music. Be sure to visit www.victorgann.com and get your copy of this album. 8/10”

“'The Devil's Been Busy' is the title of Texas-based guitarist Victor Gann's first full-length release. But it's Gann who's been the busy one. His self-titled debut release (2006) was reviewed here about a year ago, and has since seen more admiration by more reviewers and his peers. Also, Gann has been honored as one of the Top Unsigned Artists of 2008 by Ultimate-Guitar.com. You will not be disappointed. If Victor Gann sounds like he could be in league with Satriani or Gilbert, you are correct. The influences are obvious. Yet, what makes Gann unique, and what I makes me a fan of his fret work, is his precision and passion. Gann's precision is not like others; there's still a certain earthy rawness to his riffs and licks as found on 'For Love' or 'Black Gold.' On the other hand, his accuracy can marvel the smoothness of a young Santana on the title track (Carlos was never this heavy) or the immensely pleasing 'A Walk With God' (possibly my favorite cut).”

“When you read in a guitarist's bio that he's a G.I.T. graduate you expect quality, when he lists Satch among his main influence you expect digestibility, and when you learn that he uses almost the same equipment you do you raise your eyebrows and get very curious. This is exactly what happened to me with Victor Gann's "The Devil's Been Busy". ”

“Victor Gann is a Texas based instrumental guitar player with influences clearly rooted in Vai, Satriani, and Eric Johnson. Fans of highly melodic guitar work, or just good rock music in general, should take note of this rising guitar hero. Guitar instrumental albums are only good when they feature a good diversity of tracks that don’t get bogged down in one style for too long. The good albums also have songs that are distinctive with leads that you will remember when the track is over. Victor Gann’s self-titled EP is both of these things, making it a worthwhile piece for anyone who enjoys electric rock guitar virtuosos. ”

“Guitar heroes' releases come around once every few weeks but rarely do they feature a diversified acumen. Dallas Texas's Victor Gann is the exception to that rule.”

“Guitar virtuosity seems to be Texas' claim to fame. Dimebag, Stevie Ray, and Rusty Cooley are prime arguments supporting this statement. Now you can add Victor Gann to this list. Victor's sound borrows from the earlier styling of Satriani and Vai, but with a guitar voice all his own. The influences are certainly noticeable, however Victor merely uses them as an element to fuse with everything else he brings to the table. His technical skill harkens to a time when it was cool to know your instrument, days that are sorely missed. The melodies and songwriting are outstanding and its no wonder Victor was recently noted as a guitarist "making waves in the musical world." I was disappointed with the scarcity of the songs, only five, however Victor is said to be working on a new album as we speak. Until then, if you haven't picked up this 2006 release, go now and order it from his website…you can afford seven bucks!”

“Victor Gann's self-titled E.P. is five tracks of instrumental music with the focus plainly ... and rightfully ... on the amazing fretwork of Mr. Gann himself. Performing all lead, rhythm and bass guitar here, Gann delivers a tour de force. The CD begins with "Four on the Floor," a ripping track that sounds just like you'd expect it to based on its title. "Just Another Day," up next, is a whimsical number with an irresistible main riff. Things begin a little slower on Track 3, "Migraine (S.O.S.)," but picks up some steam midway through to become a crunchy monster. "Shannon with Child," written about Gann's wife Shannon, is a gentle, loving number while "Not Now!" closes the CD out with another driving bang. Gann's style is similar to other legendary axemasters, especially Joe Satriani, but Gann's style is a little rougher, a little meatier. Fans of guitar instrumentals will find plenty to their liking here. ”

“Guitar whiz Victor Gann’s five-song instrumental EP covers a wide range of emotion and ability in a relatively short time. The style manages to fit neatly between Satriani and Kenny Wayne Shepherd without actually sounding like either. It is difficult to make a guitar-based instrumental record that doesn’t sound like every other one out there, but Gann accomplishes it well. Whether on rocking tracks like “Four On The Floor” and “Not Now!” or more somber moments like “Shannon With Child,” he keeps things musically interesting without coming off as self-indulgent.”

“Texas guitar virtuoso Victor Gann is flying under your radar. Gann is an extremely gifted guitar instrumentalist that should not go unnoticed. With all due credit to the Satriani's of this world, Gann excels and pleases with his fret work for two simple reasons, talent and passion. With one spin of his self-titled debut you can tell that he worked long and hard on his compositions. Mr. Gann is smooth and proficient as he fingers the fret board. There is no squiggly or wiggly work here; this is pure shredding with style and control. Gann never becomes bombastic or extravagant. He merely moves with precision and clarity as 'Four On The Floor' and 'Not Now' demonstrate. But the most moving track on the work is 'Shannon With Child' which was composed while his beloved wife was with child. Mr. Gann's work on this track is both personal and passionate. Victor Gann's self-titled release is a truly wonderful work. It's brief, but enough to display his passion and talent.”

“A rocking five song e.p., the self-titled debut CD from Dallas guitarist Victor Gann is a solid introduction to his hard-hitting instrumental rock fusion sound. A recognized guitar teacher in the Dallas area, Gann has worked with numerous bands over the years, and as a G.I.T. grad, he’s studied with guitar heroes like Andy Timmons, Scott Henderson, Jennifer Batten, Joe Satriani and more. Teaming with drummer Alex Gerst, Gann’s 5 track CD is a taster that leaves you wanting to hear more. Gann stands ready to take his sound nationwide.”

“Full of chops blended with catchy melodies best describes Victor Gann's self titled 5 song cd. All 5 songs are very strong and demand the listener to listen over and over again, my personal fav's are track 4 SHANNON WITH CHILD and track 2 JUST ANOTHER DAY. What’s nice about Gann's style is that its about the song first not just guitar wizard insanity that plagues most instrumental albums. I highly recommend this disc for fans of good solid rock! 8.0/10 ”

“If you enjoy guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satriani, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!”