Victims of Sanity / Press

“3rd in the order but first in our hearts (see what I did there Trevor! LOL) was Victims of Sanity! VOS consists of James Bennett on vocals & megaphone!?, Trevor Newsom on Lead/rhythm guitar, Jeremiah Ansohn on lead/rhythm guitar, Noah Box on Bass & Terry Jannasch on drums. They caught our attention even while setting up, wow chains on the drum set and a megaphone! Man these guys are TOLERABLE! Haha. I gotta say it is immediately clear from the first drum beat that these guys legitmately have a great time with each other! The stage presence alone and the high energy of this 5 piece force was enjoyable to witness! The one thing I want to mention above all else though is their lack of fear in heavily featuring their bass player Noah! During one high bass number Noah stood center stage above the crowd just grooving while the rest of the band made it clear he was the star of this particular song! Needless to say it was exciting and refreshing to see each member of this band so featured ...”

“Victims of Sanity has created a name for itself in Tyler, TX The band started in march of 2010 and has been busy crafting its debut album to be released fall 2012. Their first independent single "Fly Away" (acoustic version) was released in Novermber 2010. Each member is multi-talented and can provide input on each new song written; whether on guitar, lyrics, producing, composition, or style. This is due to a diverse group of musicians contributing to the eclectic sound of the band, which is sure to release an equally diverse repertoire of music, attracting a wide range of fans in the process.”