Victim Of Illusion / Press

“Victim of Illusion is a progressive rock band that does just what you’d expect from a progressive rock band. They have a calm, but upbeat, tone and sound in their new album “Oxideyes” that does the band a lot of justice to those rock lovers who just like that smooth sound to it that can also have an edge to it but still sounding great to their ears. I can see someone just going down the freeway in their car alone tapping the side of their car to the beat of this album. I don’t know about you, but I can see that just fine because the music fits that situation very well to me. The vocals are very smooth and rhythmic and they go so well with the drums that are right behind the vocals and have a steady beat that sounds so good for this kind of music. And the guitars are capable of going from smooth and calm to a short outburst of hardcore (for rock) that still contains that rhythm that has been held throughout “Oxideyes”. The album is really good for anyone looking for a smooth”

“#NP @VictimOfIllusio - The Day That Never Comes (via @Drcbones' music show) Fiery&blurry riffage,trenchant, gloomy&edgy vocals,rousing sound”

“Jamie's World @VictimOfIllusio Pro band showing off some good heavy rock chops. Solid recording and song stands up well in genre 4/5”