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“The Beatles said it best, “All we need is Love” and when that ‘love’ is shown through music, it’s a wonderful thing—thankfully Tai Allen and Jonn Nubian understand that notion. The pair teamed up to present ”Love Music”, an EP spirited by the sounds of the 1990’s—some of the most amazing music dropped during this decade. “Love Music” conjures up an honest showcase of love, showcased through song, poems and of course instrumentals. An immediate favorite is the sensual samba tinged “Pillows.” This EP could easily be the soundtrack for any summer rendezvous. Check it out below:”

“Anytime you see the RecordBreakin headphones on an album, you know it’s going to be nice and this is no exception! Tai Allen of ViceLounge returns with an EP before his upcoming album is released. They’re calling the sound of this album, arthouse soul… What is arthouse soul, you ask? Press play and enjoy”

“(Brooklyn,NY) Fort Greene Festival 2011 attracted a slew of residents and visitors over the weekend. The two day event, hosted by Brooklyn bred actress Rosie Perez, featured a stellar roster of performers including Res, Game Rebellion, Tai Allen, Jenna Andrews, Navegante, Mariella, Paper Doll, and the festival’s headliner, Mos Def.”