“iamericanamerican: Completely bent song cycle. If Van Dyke Parks had hooked up with Syd Barrett instead of Brian Wilson and then almost 40 years later got together with Beck to do a modern version of "Song Cycle", this is what it might sound like.”

“Burly-Q: Quietly bent and thoroughly warped from experimental tones and drones to the sound of a singer-songwriter getting his soul hijacked by some moody cats from the spirit world. The kind of music playing in the restaurant pictured on the cover when you realize the waitress taking your order never blinks.”

“Brownian Motion: Adds more beat to the bend. Percussion driven experiments that sound like an adventurous 80s band discovering early 70s German underground music are joined by more folk songs from the paranormal prairie. music for the race to see who is going to snap first, you or your fingers.”

“If you get the idea that that this is not standard fare you'd be correct but it still maintains an element of Americana that's difficult to pin down. It's really a creative achievement of a tall order and "iamericanamerican" gets better with repeated listenings.”

Rick Tvedt - Rick's Cafe

“Another great CD of Electronica Americana from Madison musical mastermind Eric J. Nelson.”

David Kulczyk - Maximum Ink Magazine

"iamericanamerican" - They move into a stretched and stroked land of paisley-patterned ruminations, with "Not-Too-Distant Future," a static-brushed radio broadcast from the other side of the time line, the cosmic treatment of folk in "Revenuers" and the raga-country of "Gardening Heels" .

Tom Laskin - Isthmus

"iamericanamerican" - Murky, miasmic and bursting with unbridled invention, the latest Vibrationland release is an impossibly rich, mega-caloric dish that overwhelms good sense and compels you to keep gorging. Indulgent? What good art is not? G'wan bunky, this is what you came here for.

"iamericanamerican" - Listening to Vibrationland is a bit like scuba diving: you feel lost in a deep dark sea, occasionally coming across something recognizable -- the brief wonk of a horn, a slight accordion melody, a haphazard strum of a guitar and so forth. The entire album floats past.

“The fifth Vibrationland album brings a whole new load of ass-kickin' weird variety. Country swinging, pop jangling, rock rolling, folk wanking . . . you'll find it here in good measure and bad meter. They stir the musical melting pot and end up spilling down the front of your new shirt. ”

“I can't stop listening to: ViBRATiONLAND "Brownian Motion". Whacked out music for now people.”

"Brownian Motion" - Oh sure, I could engage in a lengthy, clinical description of every twist and turn in this extraordinarily twisted and turned recording but where would that get us? I mean, try to describe an LSD experience — something always gets lost in the translation.

"Brownian Motion" - A rather unusual earful of indie rock. Brave souls interested in truly unconventional listening experiences may find something of worth here.

"Brownian Motion" - The album must be heard in its entirety to be understood -- and even then, if you're like me, you may still be slightly baffled as to why this mish-mash of music is so endearing.

“Recorded on 4-track cassette and 8-track digital, Vibrationland redefines its own freestyle hometaping concept on "Brownian Motion". Fantastic diversity that should quell any hometaping fanatic's urgent ear candy fix. Beautifully warped.”

"Dugong" - I have to give Vibrationland props for having the courage to try so many different genres on one album. Most of these are well constructed pop songs with experimental, and occasionally brash, bends, but above all they're genuine and interesting.

"Dugong" - With its brand of watery blissed out hippie pop and savage punk sophistry, Madison-based Vibrationland posits itself somewhere between sacrilege and satire. Their premeditated impulses appear both ingenious and spontaneous, ragged and rehearsed.

"Dugong" is certainly successful; in fact, sometimes is surpasses much of the faux-native product that's routinely pimped by Spin and a half-dozen other desperately with-it corporate media outlets. Vibrationland brings inspiration and perspiration in equal measure.

"Dugong" - This definitely has a very cool explorational hometaper feel with the solid consistency of a band project. Elements of psychrock, folk and whathaveyou are developed into a sound that can only be called their own. Highly recommended.

"Dugong" - This wild beast is not so easily tagged; it will slip a pedestrian noose like an amphetaminized squid. No, to bag this prey you've gotta go back to 1978's Floating Anarchy Live 77 by Gong. Accept my word that each is an equally loony, art-damaged mess of untethered genre-jumping.

"Burly-Q" - Vibrationland having lots of fun in the studio. Full of sounds combined in unique ways to make strange music.

"Squirts & Pushes" - Musically diverse with structured melodies and dreamy instrumentals intertwined with scary mind-image producing musical notes. You'll find humor here as well with tunes like "Mutiny on the Love Boat". Get this to hand out for Halloween treats.