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“Cleveland alt-rockers Via the Sun's massive anthem packs a solid rock crunch that's all about the head nod and fist pump. The quintet's debut album, Theatrics, is filled with songs that reach for the cheap seats. "Cliff Diver" is the highlight, a scorching mid-tempo rocker that buzzes around furiously inside your head.”

“Via The Sun has masterfully created an audible work of art. Every track on the 11 song disc is a hit in its own right. Beginning to end, they reel you in with captivating lyrics and riffs that you can’t help but love.”

Kassady Oberacker - Kassady Oberacker

“Cleveland is always proving itself to be a fertile birthing ground for new rock. Theatrics, the debut album by Via the Sun is yet another example of this – polished, dynamic, and heavy, all the elements necessary for a solid listening experience!”

“Drove to CLE last night and saw @viathesunband for the first time! Holy shit! Awesome band. Tight sound, great stage presence. An apparent real camaraderie among the band that really makes them likable to watch.”

A Tweet by @metalmama2112

“Michael Hart when asked about the VTS live show - "Killed it.You could feel the energy and excitement and enjoyment on stage, which isn't something you get often at local shows. I've had to tell everyone what a great show they missed. There's just something special about seeing VTS live, which is a testament to the talent and work the guys put in."”

Michael Hart - Fan