Viarritz / Press

“I have listened to [Viarritz's] music for almost eight hours now. I think I have come to the conclusion I want to be a lesbian. Damn that's some hot shit.”

Virgil Waddel

"Damnnn. I didn't expect that.. that shit was hot tho for real. That 'your broad is in my clossssset' line is fuckin' sick. I'm hype."

Ghost, Local Artist

“I ran into Viarritz at a local club and instantly "fan-girled." She told me she didn't know how to respond because that doesn't happen often. I told her to get used to it happening. She's going places.”


“She is going to grow on you shit who am I kidding you will be hooked from the first minute”


“Amazing rapper; better than 98% I have heard and that includes famous ones.”

R. J. House

“[Viarritz] is amazing, like, you guys haven't listened to a good rapper until you listen to her.”

R. J. House