Vex / Press

“This record cannot come highly recommended enough for me. This band has been sorely overlooked because they’re just on a tiny label from the US, but it is an album that you should own.”

“Vex's Thanatopsis has been added to a list of favorite new albums for this year.”

“Vex up the ante for American metal with Thanatopsis, bringing together a great melding of death metal and black metal.”

“There may well be only seven songs on the album but buyers will feel in no way short changed as in the main this is an exercise in excellence.”

““The band from Texas releases this first album and immediately scores points””

“There is an emotional depth and reserved wisdom to the band’s songwriting which speaks of a forgotten style of black/death metal; the kind practiced by such genre forefathers as Dissection, Rotting Christ or Mortuary Drape.”

“With masters degree students comprising the line up and influences that range from Dissection to Rush to Absu we’re talking about stuff deviating from the norm. Vex have done all the hard work on the 7 long tracks on this album, all you need to do is sit back, listen and be prepared to have Vex grow some braincells on yer bonce!”