“Ecstasy of The Soul…Siobhan O’Brien…Echoes of The Spirits of Ireland on GingerNewYork at the MNN TV Studios in NYC”

“Kelly’s Rover By The Mad Pyper of Pipapelli”

“Mix Creatures, Monsters with Lotsa Mash and You Get…Pipapelli Blues”

“By God…No Demon Born in Hell or Washington, DC Can Stop The Gibsons From Hitting The Note”

“VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM is hosting a Rockin’ Memorbilia Fire Sale to make room for incoming items. All prices have been slashed to their lowest possible. ”

“Cackalacky Blues wind blowin’, Gotham in my rearview mirrors, no looking back, 1946 Indian Chief screamin’ southbound 95. I had the notion to head to the Piedmont where Nitty Gritty Sweaty Blues Reign Supreme, Whiskey flows free and what you straddle between your legs is American made. Turn the page. ”

“Blues News Exclusive: Pam Taylor Band Joins VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Roster with… HOT MESS @ DOUBLE DOOR LIVE”

“Blues News Exclusive: Riyen Roots joins VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Roster with…PEACE”

“VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM CREED – PSA By Sgt. Harry Shaw, 82ND Airborne Division”

““Humanity needs tending, great family of musicians” – Siobhán O’Brien on being added on roster of VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM ”

“TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY! Last Chance to Help Our Veterans, To Own Your Piece(s) of Music History!”

“A personal message from Caroline Purr: One of my new recordings from Nashville. For Mother Earth- for us all, Friends ! Please take a listen and pass it… ”




“In Texas: Combat Wounded Paratrooper and His Family Subjected To Campaign of Guerilla Warfare, Harassment and Terror?”

“I am Angry. Enough, it is time to change, I have declared to my soul with my song Angry. It is good for me to be angry, tired of myself, angry at my repetitive mistakes. No matter how great family and friends, nothing changed for me until I came to the reality of the power within me, my anger, to say enough is enough. No longer will I share my life with heartache and pain, I kicked their asses to the curb. I am…Angry -Caroline Purr on the release for her single Angry. ”

“Carla Merrigan Waiting for That Moment, No More! IN TOO DEEP Donated for Veterans on VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM”

“‘Language of War’ by Killing Lazarus Donated for Veterans on VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM”

“Support Our Veterans and The Music That Supports Them…Grab Your Customized VETUNES® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Widget!”

“Veterans Rock…So Does Southern Fury! Southern Fury Donates ‘Live to Rock and Roll’ (Live) for Our Veterans and Their Families ”

“New York, New York -- Southern Fury is the latest to Honor our Veterans with donation of ‘Live to Rock and Roll’. Southern Fury joins ranks with Legendary Musician Simon Kirke of FREE & BAD CO, Pipapelli, The Southern Rock Society Band/Community, Caroline Purr, Deep Chemistry, The Terry Eckard Band, Doc MacNab, Under The Gun, The Young Brothers, Southern Mischief, Ryan Daniel and Radio Icon Zach Martin.” Greg Kelly Director said. “Through music, events and communities VETUNES® ROCKATORIUM’S mission is Divine Mercy for Veterans and their families, something they earned.” ”

““A nation that fails to Honor the Sacrifices of its Heroes will worship anything at all. No one denies the right to celebrate and recognize the NY Giants Super Bowl win but we focus on the fact that our nation’s political class Obama, Boehner, Reid, Bloomberg et al have defecated on our Brothers/Sisters-in-Arms, their sacrifices and families.” -Greg Kelly ”

“‘Better Days’ This post dedicated to Sgt. Abn Harry Shaw: Helping others put their life puzzles together through living…Caroline Purr This special connection is found in full measure within Caroline Purr, her music with America’s Greats. Purr understands that combat does not end when one leaves the battlefield. From Vietnam to the Iraq, Agent Orange to Depleted Uranium Munitions, our veterans and their families are facing some of the greatest battles of their lives. America’s Greats Salute Caroline Purr…‘Better Days’ ”

“Caroline Purr’s Newly Released ‘Better Days’ Single Rates with America’s Greats There is a group in America that when called upon accomplished superhuman feats, tread where angels feared to go. You pass them by in your daily life unaware of where they have been, what they have witnessed or what they sacrificed for you…They Are America’s Greats. New York City — Caroline Purr long ago earned the respect and admiration of America’s Greats with her Troop Song: ‘I WON’T BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS’ (LIVE) ”

“Caroline Purr Adulated by VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Peers for ‘Better Days’ Single As part of the VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Purr has appeared with Simon Kirke, Pipapelli, The Terry Eckard Band and many others in support of our Veterans. Watch for Purr to tour in the U.S. and Europe in 2012!”

“Caroline Purr, New York City Music Icon, Releases ‘Better Days’ Whenever I hear Purr, I am always amazed at her provocative originality, intensity, power, range, depth of talent. To experience Purr is without question one of those uplifting, intense, music-high moments in your life not soon forgotten.” -Legendary Radio Personality Zach Martin ”

“Pipapelli Enhanced Line-up Delivers Pyp~n~Hot Rockin’ Blues, Whole Lotta...Soul Adding Soul to their Rock n Roll, Pipapelli remains true to their roots with their signature sound...’Rockin Blues with a Celtic Knotted Twist’ ”

“Rock with Caroline Purr on Reverbnation...The VOICE of Today!”

“Caroline Purr Releases 2 new singles! 'Better Days' and 'Stand Up For Your Dreams!”

“VETUNES® ROCKATORIUM Rockin’ Memorabilia Fire Sale! The American Veterans Aid Fund’s Music Division VETUNES ® ROCKATORIUM is hosting a Rockin’ Memorbilia Fire Sale to make room for incoming items. All prices have been slashed to their lowest possible. The American Veterans Aid Fund is a 501(c)3 IRS recognized Veterans Charitiable Organization. All purchases may be tax-deductible beyond fair market value of item purchased.”

“Americas Dirty Secret: Women Veterans Homelessness - The American Veterans Aid Fund urges the public to download and distribute the Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for our homeless Sisters-in-Arms and their Children.”

““I was going to tell you what I think about ‘Unknown Soldier’ by Ryan Daniel that was until I read what Doc MacNab had to say,” Radio Icon Zach Martin said. “I remember this summer when the hurricane hit DC. There is some footage out there, I think by CNN, of the on-duty Old Guard soldier walking his post in torrential rain and 85+ mph winds. Then the shot cuts to the American flag, over the US Capitol, hanging by 2 stripes, whipping in the same wind…Ryan’s song is like that.” –Doc MacNab ‘The Drummer’ ”

“There is only one way Ryan Daniel could have created ‘Unknown Soldier’ and we know this because we were there, Daniel is Our Brother. We thank him for his service then and more importantly for his service now…For Our Brothers is His Battle Cry.” –Sgt. Kerry Lynch, Sgt. Greg Kelly, Alpha Battery 1/320 AFA, 82nd Airborne Division 1982-86. ”

“Music and Paint: Have Mercy! ‘Lady In Waiting’ (Jacqui Faye, Under the Gun) “Jacqui Faye Red Shoe Series, Under the Gun: The way life was meant to be…Have Mercy!”-Radio Icon Zach Martin, Partner K2 Global Communications Llc ”

“Music and Paint: ‘Sweet Dreams’ in ‘Secret Places’ (Jacqui Faye, Southern Mischief) “Most people will tell you the most important aspect of working in ‘Music and Paint’ Public Relations is managing relationships, they are wrong. The most important aspect is to live life to the fullest with all the energy, and compassion for others you can summon from within; learn from relationships then relate to the Artist, Musician(s)/Band(s) and their work. Then and only then having enough wisdom to shut up and let the ‘Music and Paint’ speak!” –Radio Icon Zach Martin, Partner K2 Global Communications Llc. ”

“Music and Paint: Forbidden Touch, Visceral Love (The Young Brothers and Jacqui Faye) "We sent client the YouTube link to The Young Brothers… Literally, within 1 minute we received the call their song is his Forbidden Touch, Visceral Love. Our next challenge was to pair the Forbidden Touch, Visceral Love, Warmth of Your Smile by The Young Brothers with a visual medium that would capture, embody and encapsulate the music, Forbidden Touch, Visceral Love." ”

““Cool Blue, White Hot; DEEP CHEMISTRY (Verb): 2-Groove, 2-Jam. The ‘2’ Daversa and Kandros, have mastered the art of presenting ‘Cool Blue and Hot White’ in almost every individual track they have laid down for you something very few have or ever will achieve in their time. After ‘Evolving The Groove’ we wondered where they would go next…The wait was so worth it, Deep Chemistry have developed into a mature sound…‘FOR THIS MOMENT’. The dynamics of the synchronicity between the ‘2’ have resulted in a powerful force in music, fan them up and enjoy the ride, I have!” –Zach Martin ”

““PIPAPELLI never ceases to amaze us with all they do for our Veterans and Their Families,” said Greg Kelly Director American Veterans Aid Fund. This is a tune about “the Creature from the Black Lagoon” coming from his perspective, but it also relates to how people treat people without knowing their background and just going on what they think that person is or what they look like. Relates the listener to racism, ecology and contempt/jealousy.”

“When The Devil Went Down To Georgia He Got Smoked By…Southern Mischief ”

“Strings of Fire! Smoke She Is A Rising…SOUTHERN ROCK SOCIETY BAND W/ Special Guests ALL-FIRED UP ”

“Bad Boys of Boogie Hittin Sweet Spot: Terry Eckard Band Tour Dates ”

“Bad Boys of Boogie Hittin Sweet Spot: Terry Eckard Band Tour Dates ”

“Supporting Our Troops, Veterans, Children, Communities and Country: Our Southern Rock Community Has Always Been Red, White and Blue… ”

““Caroline Purr has always lay bare, shown us the enormity, of her soul through her music. Whenever I hear Purr, I am always amazed at her provocative originality, intensity, power, range, depth of talent. To experience Purr live on stage is without question one of those magical music moments in your life not soon forgotten.” - Radio Icon Zach Martin ”

“Summer Most Dangerous Time For Child Abductions, Murders and Other Crimes Against Our Children (PSA) “If it were not for The Somer Thompson Foundation, Molly Hatchet (Bobby Ingram) and The Southern Rock Society’s work on this issue we would not be as aware of the out of control growth of these horrific crimes against innocent children.” ”

““The Southern Rock Community was supporting our American Veterans long before it became trendy or was recognized as a career boosting move, asking for nothing more than to be able to lay down their Smokin’ Hot… Sweet Spot Jams for our first to serve, last to be served, American Veterans and their families.” ”

“Suicide, Homelessness, Hunger On The Rise: Summertime Giving For Veterans Made Easy! ”

““When VETUNES ® started out there was Simon Kirke, Zach Martin and Caroline Purr. Purr is always the first to brag about the outstanding efforts and contributions of other VETUNES® ROCKATORIUM Team Members: Kirke, Martin, Pipapelli, The Terry Eckerd Band, Trigger Finger (Doc MacNab) and The Southern Rock Society Band. It is Purr’s unselfish giving of herself and her music that makes her special not only for our American Veterans and the music world but most importantly in all our lives.” ”

“Pipapelli Makes VETUNES® 4th of July Benefit Jam For Veterans, Child in Need Pyp~n~Hot! Pipapelli’s rockin, twisted Celtic blues set the house on fire! ”

“Doc MacNab’s Enlistment Adds Firepower to VETUNES ® ROCKATORIUM Army Elite Rockin’ Manifest Doc is taking his place on elite team that consists of notable musicians and bands including Legendary Musician Simon Kirke (Free & Bad Company), Pyp~n~Hot Pipapelli, The Jamming Southern Rock Society/Band, Rockin’ Caroline Purr and more ”

“Molly Hatchet & The Southern Rock Society: For Somer Thompson, Children Everywhere…”Justice””

“VETUNES® Issues Statement Acknowledging The Terry Eckard Band as Heroes ”

“Update for An Evening with Music Legend Simon Kirke, Rock n Roll Pioneer, in NYC”