Vesper Sparrow / Press

“Wow! Vesper Sparrow makes music so self-assured, so flawless. The writing, playing, arrangements, vocals, production...everything is perfect. This is exactly what Stevie Nicks should have aspired to when she left the Mac.”

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation

"Especially tonight". Some songs just mean more... and especially when you need them. Such a beautiful song... Your vocals are sublime!

Blue Phoenix Radio

“The vesper sparrow gets its name from its habit of singing in the late afternoon and early evening; although, during the nesting season, the bird sings at all times of the day. And when that happens, the world smiles….”

Wally Cox - Reverbnation

“ Your song Dinosaur is beautiful and says it all, some record company had better snatch you up. Your music is just that music, and music at its absolute finest. What a treasure..... Rock on my sisters! ”

Squier Red & The Blues Band - Reverbnation

“ Great band! Love the driving beat in "Highway" I will be back for more and more ”

The Hopheads - Reverbnation

“Your music turned our Muse on MuseBoat Radio :) Great songs. ”

MuseBoat Radio

“Absolutely one of the greatest bands of all time! This set is just so beautiful and has brought me countless hours of joy! ”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation