Vesperian Sorrow / Press

"Stormwinds of Ages is a perfect sounding album"

“Perhaps what's most impressive about this release is the overall sound that comes together so well. Surprisingly, that can be attributed to the band members themselves. The entire album was recorded, mixed, and mastered without the help of any Rick Rubins or Nuclear Blasts - a true testament to the band's artistic integrity and determination. If you've been doubting the quality of symphonic black metal as of late, let Vesperian Sorrow restore your faith with this injection. It'll only sting a little.”

“When a genre of metal has lost a lot of momentum and popularity over the years and claims of “done-to-death” are professed from the fans, even the most jaded and fickle of the metal community will open their ears if it’s done right. Something about symphonic/melodic black metal from Texas must be difficult for people to grasp because Vesperian Sorrow have undoubtedly been doing it right for over a decade yet they’ve been doing so in relative obscurity and independently for the majority of their existence. In fact, “doing it right” is an understatement and would be akin to merely shooting par when you’re talking about a band that has just about perfected it. Vesperian Sorrow’s fourth full-length album, Stormwinds of Ages, is an opus seemingly a decade in the making and by that I mean, this is by far their best work yet and would seem to be exactly what they’ve been striving toward from the very beginning.”

“Texas based metal band Vesperian Sorrow have been a constant source of frustration for as long as they have been around. Woefully underrated and underexposed, this is one of the best underground bands playing today. Time after time I find myself amazed these guys aren’t bigger than they are, as they consistently release high quality extreme metal that defies conventional genre tropes (the closest description I have been able to come with is symphonic black metal) and never cease to impress. Their newest album Stormwind of Ages, the first since 2007’s independent release Regenesis Creation, is a drastic departure from their earlier sound, yet inarguably stands tall as their finest achievement, a varied and daring album of epic proportions.”

“Overall, this album is a brutally elegant piece of symphonic composition. This album brings forth an artistic element of beautiful darkness which both calms and ignites a fire within the listener. Truly a musical gem worth checking out.”

“The songs on this album are not ‘just tracks’, they’re compositions – exquisite pieces of music.”

“Chronicles of Chaos 9/10 Wow! Having grown ten-fold from their 1998 Displeased Records debut release _Beyond the Cursed Eclipse_ [CoC #41], Texas black metal aficionados Vesperian Sorrow bring their latest offering to the forefront of the American black metal pack, releasing to this unkind world a powerful sophomore record if there ever was one.”

“Vesperian Sorrow have created a masterpiece, and if they continue along the path they are on, they could really cause a stir.”

MH - Da-Core Magazine

“This is your typical example of a band that has a lot of potential to really grow to become a force to be reckoned with in the Black Metal-scene, and I can recommend every one that likes Black Metal with melodies to check this album out right away”

“If you live for this brand of black metal, chances are you’ll love Verperian Sorrow exactly the way they are. This album is scheduled for release very soon by Displeased Records. Once it is out, I bet you’ll be hearing some very good things about this band!”

“Vesperian Sorrow, the band no one has ever heard of. Well, I take that back, these guys have a cult following after two brilliant releases, Psychotic Sculpture, Beyond the Cursed Eclisped. Now we have their 3rd Full length album Regenesis Creation. And all I can say is they picked up right where they left off. This album like the previous two is brilliant.”