Verona Rose / Press

“Girl Has Got Some Pipes!!!!”

Cheef Alex Scot Poletsky, Kings of Ukulele - In response to her video performance of Gold Dust Woman-NAMM Guitar Hand Booth

"...She has a voice the needs to be heard..."

Lillie McCloud - X-Factor, Season 3-Top 8 Artist

“Verona is a rocker in every sense of the word, she wears the clothes of a rocker, has the voice of a rocker and most importantly plays the guitar just like a rocker.”

“Watch Out!!! This Kid Is Going Places!!!”

“Verona was beyond Great”

Tracy Schiola - Event Cooridinator for Lox. Groves Elem. School

"She is so creative and fiercely herself...we love Verona"

Teri DiGiulian Ben David - Sivan Ben David Singer & Winner Season Five Voice of an Angel Winner

“I asked Jade who her role models were in music- She named 2 people -Verona and her friend Daniel. She said she admires Verona's ability to be herself on stage and be completely comfortable. Daniel for his focus and sheer determination.”

Devi Sugiarto-Master - Jade Evoiri Master Singer & Winner of 2010 Palm Beach Idol

“Verona is a great rocker from South Florida, she has the look, the sound and can play a mean guitar. She loves to rock out anywhere she performs, and she will put on a awesome show. No matter where she performs everyone loves her.Verona connects very well with the audience, and not afraid to interact with them. This is what makes a great entertainer, you have to keep the audience's attention, and Verona is very good at it”

““Your Daughter is Amazing she Rocked that song!””

“CHECK THIS KID OUT!!!!!!!! Verona Rose being a ROCK STAR!!!!!!! ”

“Very cool !!!!!!!!! Its a great cover of the song !!!! Peace ”

““@ vr_Rockstar This is awesome kid I Love it. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.” ”