Vernon Neilly / Press

“Guitarist Neilly wrote all of the songs on Outta Time with the exception of two versions of a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" that bookend the album. Of course there's no sense trying to outdo Hendrix on the guitar, but Neilly and guest ax-slinger Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Rhianna) take turns playing incendiary leads while the song takes on a different kind of cool from Jimi's version thanks to a loping rhythm. Of the six originals, the Frank Zappa-informed "Git Yo Lyfe Rite" with additional guitar from Victor Johnson (the Busboys, Sammy Hagar) is a stand-out as are the bluesy strut of "So Far Away" and the tropicalia of "Nassau Nights," a Latin-flavored dance number that maybe should have been called "Havana Nights." Perhaps the track that everyone will be talking about though is "Meta Funk Trip," because it features current Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro.”

“Neilly, is recognized for his work as a recording artist and producer of important musicians, and his most recent project a tribute to "Stevie Wonder" which was assisted by known session guitarists as Greg Howe (guitarist for Michael Jackson ) and Kiki Loureiro , Angra ( Brazil). Neilly had some very interesting points of view on the viability of the guitar as a focal instrument: "Since the early 30s, the guitar was always part of a band and gradually became more popular as an instrument in jazz bands, rock, country, blues " said Neilly . He added that through the years "Guitar properties reached ever higher levels . " " Today, the guitar has a strong presence in modern music, is a very important tool." **Translated from Spanish**”

"...Vernon Neilly's 'Boogie On Reggae Woman instrumental' featuring Greg Howe, is a display of passionate guitar work at it's most groovy"

“When I first saw this picture of Vernon relishing his signature model Tagima Guitar from Brazil, I asked him, "Are those Blackouts?" He explained, "No actually the pickups are the pickups I wound with MJ [Custom Shop Manager Maricela Juarez] at the factory.”

"Award Winning guitarist Vernon Neilly is presented Humanitarian Award for work with "Uplifting Minds II" organization that help keep youth in music."

"Vernon Neilly....a top jazz guitarist who has made a name for himself in the US as both a musician and a producer."

"My sprituality is not something that I put on and take off during various times of the day, it's my way of life."

"Vernon spends a lot of time on his music and his love of the guitar."