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“Their 5 song EP Volume 1 is a collection of melodic power thrash metal inspired by the thrash metal of the late 1980’s and early 90’s. Extinction Event, a technical thrash vibe similar to Bay Area metallers Forbidden vocalist Croy’s growl is reminiscent of Chuck Billy. On Architect of Fear the music is heavy yet melodic. Croy’s vocals take on a more Warrel Dane (Sanctuary) higher pitched tone. Submersus is another thrashy headbanger with brutal rhythms & speed metal drumming... The Summoning is another unrelenting thrasher with killer riffs, complex drum patterns & chugging rhythms. The EP’s final song, appropriately titled Final Feast features some impressive guitar shredding and harmony guitar leads. Vermithrax is a band with plenty of upside, the music is a throwback to an earlier time when thrash was the heaviest of the heavy... This EP will appeal to fans of old school thrash like Slayer, Forbidden, Testamentand Exodus as well as newer bands like Arsis, Havok & Municip”

“Vermithrax – Vol. 1 Review "Dead Rhetoric has seen the Vermithrax name floating about primarily due to our approximation to the ever-hilarious Pittsburgh metal scene, a scene in which one needs to have some serious fortitude to survive. Vermithrax seem to have their act together, with their Vol. 1 debut engaging in a progressive death/thrash workout, not unlike Nevermore at their heaviest. Vocalist Chris Roy has one of those multi-faceted, pitch-happy vocal approaches; he’s noticeably animated on “The Summoning” and “Architect of Fear,” thus keeping the band out of generic thrash stable."”

“Vermithrax is the baby of singer Chris Roy (ex Reading Zero) and drummer, JR Jameson (aka Jer, The Butcher, ex-Nunslaughter), with this, Vermithrax express their love for the mid-tempo thrash in the intersection between Heathen, Testament and Nevermore without dropping from the above." Martin Brandt, Deaf Forever, Issue 1, 2014”

Martin Brandt - Deaf Forever, Issue 1 (Germany)

"Gentlemen, there is thunder coming towards us! VERMITHRAX, named after the rogue dragon from the 1981 Fantasy movie, 'Dragonslayer', could help push their debut demo 'Vol.1' and will hopefully soon gain a following album, as they enter into the circle of the quality giants of melodic Thrash Metal. Simply five songs, five hits... A sound (mixed by Christopher Lee Simmonds, ex-THOUGHT INDUSTRY), which does not leave anything left remaining in either force or transparency... riffs and song ideas that are putting much of tthe competition to shame. VERMITHRAX created music somewhere between NEVERMORE/SANCTUARY, FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT. It contains a perfect balance of Testosterone and Brains, best example: put on the epic 'Architect OF Fear', with which 'Croy' proves his vocal range can go from Warrel Dane over Tim Aymar to Chuck Billy impressively, without sounding like a copy of the vocalists mentioned. We need them to set free the fires of this dragon from the city of Pittsburgh (USA

“Vol.1 appears to be a collection of five tracks freely available from the Vermithrax Facebook and Reverbnation pages, so you really have no excuse not to check out what this lot have to offer, especially if you are a fan of Iced Earth, Nevermore, Testament, Sanctuary and Metal Church. This is most certainly Thrash but it's a slightly more 'reserved' progressive Thrash and it is damned fine, indeed. Production is great, with the bass coming through like a mighty beast, guitar work is big, meaty and the solos beautiful, vocals are brutal but full of melody and the drums more than give you the knockout punch you need when listening to Thrash of any sorts. 'Extinction-Event' is the first track I have here and it's a blinder. There's no messing around, Vermithrax go for the throat and breathe fire with the best of them. 'Final Feast' is also a stormer. As for the other three tracks 'The Summoning', 'Architect Of Fear' & Submersus...well they are all excellent!”

“Iced Earth brought the Plagues of Babylon to Pittsburgh’s Stage AE on April 9, 2014 and with them one of the most solid lineups of metal to be found. With Sweden’s Sabaton, Floor Jansen’s Dutch group Revamp, and Pittsburgh own killer contenders Vermithrax, The Worldwide Plagues Tour was a highly entertaining lineup of metal bands that did not replicate one another’s style yet complimented each other nicely, while providing a bit of variety.”

“Vermithrax descended upon the stage like the behemoth dragon, for which they carry the namesake. As the band broke into an intro, with a fervor of electric energy, vocalist Chris Roy was nowhere to be seen. As the intro came to an astounding crescendo Roy appeared. He strolled out to center stage as if he was the commanding general of the Heavy Metal Army, 1st Division of Thrash, surrounded by his Chiefs of Staff. Immediately tearing into their first song, there was no doubt that Vermithrax had come to kick ass and they really didn’t give a damn what your name was! The ass whoopin’ was continuous ...I was scraping my melted face up off the floor of the mosh pit. Not only did Vermithrax deliver a blistering set of San Francisco rooted thrash metal, with intricate guitar runs and flawless rhythm orchestration, but also was connected to the crowd. It was very evident they were having a fun time delivering the goods to anyone within artillery range!”

"Pittsburgh had one more offering, in the form of old school thrash monoliths Vermithrax who delivered a brutal hardcore set of vicious, non-stop, old school thrash, reminiscent of Testament or Exodus and caused the first mosh pits of the evening. Frontman, Croy has incredible stage presence and a vocal cadence similar to Chuck Billy that demanded respect, telling the crowd “Show me your fucking horns.” He went on to ask “Do you like your thrash in Pittsburgh?” and answered “Of course you do. It’s meaty and delicious,” which nearly incited a riot. The rabid fans heard his war cries and took full advantage of their last opportunity to mosh and lost their collective minds as the pit spiraled out of control. It even saw one guy carrying his girlfriend in his arms as he stomped around the circle. Expect big things for the future of Vermithrax."

“Vermithrax has a unique vocalist who’s bringing his metal phrases just to the limit. This band just breathes metal! This is top class US Metal like in the good old days. While enjoying the first track “Architect Of Fear”, Just awesome!! The second track “Submersus”. Guitar player Scott Haggerty switches into full metal gear, and the vocals of Chris seem to be adapted a bit. But, the best is yet to come when “The Summoning” arrives. You will hear the strings scream for mercy, you will notice that the bass of Tom Donaldson is deadly killing and JR Jameson is handling the spawning drums. What a great melody line, what an introduction! This band made my day, week, month, year? Reviewing is easy, as I can only praise them from the bottom of my heart, but rating on a scale of 100 is difficult with only 3 tracks. They get easily 90/100(without prejudice).”

“Only a year old, Vermithrax are nevertheless threatening to blow up the scene with the upcoming release of their debut full-length album. This is definitely a name you’ll want to remember, if “The Final Feast” is any indication — with its blend of dark thrashy riffs and epic power/traditional metal vocals… get the entire compilation here... http://innervenus.org/iron-atrocity/”

"Vermithrax seem to have their act together, with their Vol. 1 debut engaging in a progressive death/thrash workout, not unlike Nevermore at their heaviest."

“The three tracks that are delivered on this EP are furious, crushing, technical thrash reminiscent of recent Testament and Nevermore. A neat technicality exists within the song structure that moves from driving, thunderous rhythms to angry, knife-edged melodies existing inside of a psuedo-prog bubble, until the damn bubble pops and the listener is left with even angrier, faster thrash moments that tear through and whip everything up into a frenzy before returning to those thundering mid-paced driving moments. Vermithrax is a rare band that knows how to balance the finer points of death and melody. The vocals are as thought out and intense as the rest of the music. There are no empty deliveries on these tracks. The songs are belted out in a flurry of emotion that delivers an aural suckerpunch. Obviously, if you haven’t heard of Vermithrax, check them out on Facebook & show them some support.”

“Being on the longer side of six and a half minutes, ‘Submersus’ is surprising fresh, with powerful drumming that collides with an audible bass guitar to form a powerful rhythm section. This is kept up through the entirety of the record, the bass is not content to be left in the background, and fights for a position amongst the rest of the instruments. It doesn’t take carefully ears to hear that very powerful throbbing ‘twang’ of the bass guitar strings, rumbling along the fretboard in an orgasm of noise. From ‘Submersus’ to ‘Architect Of Fear’ and ‘The Summoning’, Vermithrax bring you an entertaining saga of interesting variety. The guitars enjoying soloing away in catchy riffs, chugging relentlessly along the length of the EP. The vocalist comes from the group of Bruce Dickenson style vocalists that have risen since Iron Maiden’s heyday, but he has a sound of Chuck Billy in him too, and so the vocalist is an interesting mix, which goes well with the music.”

“...now I’m kicking myself for not jumping on this sooner. If you’re already familiar with Vermithrax — perhaps from their appearance on the Innervenus free compilation Iron Atrocity Vol.2 (more info here) — then surely you understand. If you haven’t heard that compilation yet, go download the damn thing already!! But in the meantime, here’s the Vermithrax song, “The Final Feast”. Anyway, the band is apparently working their way up to a full-length I’m probably showing my age here, but the first metal bands whose albums I really listened to and/or bought were Overkill, Heathen, and Anthrax (in that order), and ever since then I’ve been pretty passionate about anything heavy and thrashy with powerful, soaring vocals, and interesting twists in the song structure. So really, it’s no surprise that the three songs in Vermithrax‘s Volume 1 immediately grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go until long after the 19+ minute playing time was over.”