Verdant Vera / Press

“Many times, especially in the local music scene, band members focus on their individual instruments so much, that the overall atmosphere that the song creates is neglected. This is not the case with Verdant Vera. Don’t get me wrong, their instrumentation is well orchestrated, their guitar tones are carefully manicured, bass grooves are smooth and appropriate, drumming is solid and vocals bring a great range, but you can sense a big picture mindset and that is refreshing. There is a fullness without clatter, complexity without confusion and an air of confidence with humility.”

“If this is the kind of EP that Verdant Vera can produce, I can't wait to see what they can do with a full-length album.”

“Band Verdant Vera caught my eye as well. Mostly because the lead singer was fun with long blonde hair and was barefoot the entire set. Oh, and their music was good too”

“Band Verdant Vera @OranjeIndy tonight. Yes, I like barefoot singers :) pic.twitter.com/zx1F1xrR”